EWP Chapter 12: The threat is so ridiculous

The threat is so ridiculous

A white-haired old man jumped down from the roof, even if he tried to conceal his strong aura and high cultivation it was still detected by Mu Qian.

An Elder shouted angrily, “Who are you? Dare to break into Mu Jia’s residence!”

“Someone! Hold this old man down, quick!

With the elder’s command, people rose to a clamor, Xuanyuan looked closely at this old man’s face then his face became pale.

His body tensed up and shouted. “You guys need to shut up, do you want to die? This prince doesn’t want to die together with you fools!”

Seeing Xuanyuan so agitated, Mu Ruyun who was beside him felt scared. She looked at this person and was sure that he is just an ordinary old man, from the looks to his attitude nothing is out of ordinary. But, she keeps having this feeling that she’d already seen him somewhere.

“This old man is none other than Housekeeper Bai of that Ashura’s Mansion.

Is it only the white housekeeper who came? That Ice block isn’t here right?” Mu Qian silently pondered.

Just to be sure, Mu Qian decided to climb up to the roof of her residence, and she didn’t find the man who always acts rudely and unexpectedly.

Xuanyuan Li Tian courteously asked. “Housekeeper Bai how come you’re here?”

Everyone was confused; Xuanyuan is usually an unreasonable and proud person when talking to an old scholar. They’d originally thought that this old guy is a high-ranking person, but apparently it’s not. It turned out to be a housekeeper, a housekeeper alright! What sorcery did he make for Xuanyuan Li Tian to act so carefully in front of him? Even in front of the emperor’s housekeeper he did not bat an eye!

Others do not know but that doesn’t mean that he also did. Housekeeper Bai, he knows him too well. In fact, he wanted no contact on this person at all.

This Housekeeper Bai, among the Ninth Prince’s subordinates is the only human being.

That mansion, since he’d been inside it once, he promised himself to never come back for a second time.

That man, since he’d already let him go out of that hell. Of course, he never wanted to see him again.

Xuanyuan Li Tian is deeply afraid of Xuanyuan Jiu Ye. Upon seeing Jiu Ye’s housekeeper appear in front of him, he almost fainted on the spot.

“My Master and I are also acquainted with the Mu Jia’s Lord. I heard that she passed away, so I came to pray for her. I didn’t think that I would watch such a good show coming from your highness.” Housekeeper Bai smiled.

Xuanyuan Li Tian was nervous from the bottom of his heart and asked. “Housekeeper Bai, How long have you been here?”

He only hopes that he did not see much.

As a result, Housekeeper Bai nodded. “Not too long ago, I arrived just when your highness brought the Jade coffin inside the mourning hall.”

Xuanyuan Li Tian turned white and whispered. “Housekeeper Bai, I… After all, I am still the brother of the Ninth prince. Can you…”

He hadn’t finished his pleading yet, but the voice of Mu Wushuang had come. “Since the old gentleman had seen it all, can you tell me what happened today?”

Mu Wushuang is really intelligent, although he does not have an idea how his niece came to know Housekeeper Bai and the Ninth Prince, he sensed that this person is here intending to help Mu Qian.

Housekeeper Bai laughed. “The thing is like this, first from…”

This housekeeper really had a talent for speech, from beginning to end, one by one without any pause. He said all that had happened earlier in one go. When he told everything, there was anger for the people who tried to harm Mu Qian, this made others think that he is really close towards the Lord of Mu Jia.

In front of Xuantian Li Tian and the other Elders there is nothing he did not dare to say.

Mu Wushuang is mad. “Xuanyuan Li Tian, who gave you the courage to do despicable deeds in my house! Not only hurting my Xi’er but also using everyone to take side with you. Li Tian, did you really think because you are a member of the royal family, I wouldn’t dare to cut your hands?”

Even if Mu Wushuang killed Xuanyuan Li Tian the Emperor of the Purple Moon Country may not be able to do anything to him.

Mu Wushuang, is the name of the number one strongest person in the Purple Moon Country and is not just a display.

Xuanyuan’s face turned from blue to green, at this moment Mu Qian softly said to Wushuang. “Don’t be angry, didn’t you come out in time to save me? I’m fine now.”

“But Xuanyuan Li Tian, if you wanted to leave this residence alive, kindly comply with our agreement earlier.” Mu Qian coldly said.

“That’s impossible!” Xuanyuan gnawed his teeth.

If he was caught lying inside the coffin and carried outside Mu Jia’s residence. He will probably have no face in the Purple Moon Country.

“Since you are looking for your death, then I will fulfill your wish.” A cold murderous aura exuding from Mu Wushuang appeared.

A hidden guard beside Li Tian shouted. “Your highness, we will block Third Master Mu, Prince you have to leave quickly.”

“Are you sure that you all have the capability to protect his highness?” Mu Qian asked in a mocking tone.

“Do it.”

Mu Wushuang waved his hand and a couple of men in black have landed on the ground effortlessly. In the blink of an eye all of Xuanyuan Li Tian’s scapegoats are defeated making him feel hopeless and depressed.

These black figures are the forces behind Mu Wushuang, the “Shadow” of Mu Jia! Strong! Almost everyone thought of that single word.

“Death or follow the contract of the bet, Xuanyuan Li Tian, which one will you choose?” Mu Wushuang asked softly but his eyes are clearly devoid of emotions.

Xuanyuan felt that death was approaching him, so he decided to swallow his pride and accept his fate in the end, “Since this prince had lost, then this prince will surely fulfill his promise, this prince is a person who has always been true to his words.”


“You’re saying this now? Don’t you think it’s too ridiculous?” Mu Qian laughed out loud.

Hearing her unrefined laugh towards him, Xuanyuan Li Tian never felt this humiliated before. This damn woman wasn’t a bit reluctant at all.

“Mu Qian Xi, don’t push your luck! I will never admit that you are my fiancée! We’ll go back to the palace, I will immediately ask Father Emperor to cancel his decree even if I die; I have to get rid of this ridiculous marriage contract between us!”

Translator’s Note:

Li Tian is such a bitch. How did he even survive at Jiu Ye’s place? Did he beg and cried until he was released?

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