EWP Chapter 10: Lost but refusing to accept the bill

Lost but refusing to accept the bill

Mu Qian Xi is not a waste but also has spiritual roots, the Purple Moon country only had two people who had spiritual roots before and nobody expected that another one will appear today.

And this person is his fiancée, if only Xuanyuan Li Tian knew earlier that Mu Qian is not a waste, a stunning beauty without makeup. Added with the fact that she is the Lord of the Mu Jia that is famous for being rich and invincible, marrying her is really not so bad.

As for Yun’er, letting her become his secondary princess consort is also not good. She is the only granddaughter of the second elder of the Mu Jia, he won’t let her become a concubine.

Just when Xuanyuan Li Tian is getting further and further to reality, Mu Qian raises her hand and declares: “Prince Li Tian, It is time for us to end this battle.”

“Water Slash……!”

The water wall instantly became a long dragon, like a living creature, rushing to Xuanyuan Li Tian, the speed was so quick that it was too late for him to resist.


Xuanyuan Li Tian’s body flew out and fiercely landed on the ground.

“Crash!” The water burst, Xuanyuan Li Tian who was in the center was mad as a wet hen and looks like a fish out of the water in general.

He who always maintains his proud profile is really embarrassed at his pitiful appearance at this moment.

The crowd was alarmed, Mu Qian who was once a waste had won against one of the ten geniuses, the Seventh Prince.

It is not often that Mu Ruyun sees his Brother Li Tian hurt. She shouted anxiously: “Brother Li Tian, Don’t move! You …”

“Yun’er, don’t worry I’m fine, but……”

Two people who are full of affection towards each other are flirting like there’s no tomorrow.

Mu Qian has no desire to let this disgusting couple continue their actions inside her residence. She ordered, “Prince you’ve lost, time to settle the bill.”

“I admit that this Prince has lost, I will leave immediately.”

“Alright!” Mu Qian laughed.

“Guards, come here! Put away the prince in the coffin and return him to the palace.”

Xuanyuan Li Tian froze and angrily said, “Mu Qian, what do you mean! Don’t be too presumptuous.”

“This is our bet, remember? If you lose then we will put you inside the coffin, else who do you want to put in there? Is there any prince here aside from you?”

“Mu Qian, you are clearly pushing this prince to do your bidding. Just because this prince doesn’t like you, you’ll set me up like this!”

“What’s the matter with you? Is it possible you’re backing out now? If his highness is going to break our contract, I don’t mind sending you off personally into the Jade coffin you prepared.” Mu Qian said seriously.

As Mu Qian slowly approached Xuanyuan Li Tian, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Mu Qian Xi! Don’t blame me for being unrighteous. It is you who is highly thinking of yourself.

“Help! She is planning to kill me, this prince orders you to take her down.”

From the side of prince and Mu Jia’s guards, a group of hidden guards instantly appeared and surrounded Mu Qian.

This Mu Qian is too evil, inexplicably turned into a Third-Stage Spirit Warrior, also having spiritual roots. If he wanted to remove her completely, the prince decided that he must go all out.

From the prince’s bodyguards, three people are Fifth-Stage Martial Warrior while the remaining six people are higher than her by a level.

This is her home, but with the order of the Prince, all members of the Mu Jia turned a blind eye. Completely disregarding her safety at all.

Mu Qian’s mouth brought a touch of sneer.”Prince, I was going to let you off today, but since you are looking for death, then I don’t need to be polite anymore.”

Mu Ruyun softly said. “Xi’er, don’t be stubborn and apologize to the prince what happened today will not be exposed outside.”

Xuanyuan Li Tian roared: “Mu Qian Xi! You’re dead to me! I’ll make sure today that this prince will give you a painful lesson.”

Even if Mu Qian beat him, it’s impossible to beat so many people.

“Fuck! This bitch and ugly woman! you can poison them to your heart’s content!” Ah Ting furiously said in her mind.

As her contractor he is aware of Mu Qian’s nature. Although it is not clear what is the role of those drugs in the end, seeing her making it wholeheartedly and successfully. Presumably to solve these slags is more than enough.

Xuanyuan Li Tian was enraged at Mu Qian, but Mu Ruyun’s drama continues as she begs for mercy, “Brother Li Tian, please don’t be angry, Xi’er just don’t understand, can’t you just let her go!”

Xuanyuan Li Tian sighed: “Yun’er, don’t be like this, too much kindness will only hurt you in the end. For such a cruel woman like her, your kindness will only encourage her to bully you more.”

Seeing Mu Ruyun’s gravely injured white face, Xuanyuan Li Tian’s heart is in pain.

Ah Ting yelled, “I can’t watch anymore, I’m closing contact with the outside world and will directly go to sleep, you give them hell alright! Play them hard!”

Even though their first meeting made him mad, but today, with her attitude, it is very in sync to his appetite, so he told her how to use the Water Dragon God Ring. Maybe more surprises will come in the future.

She swept through the guards around her, saying, “I’ll give you three seconds to stop me, otherwise you will all be waiting for your master to collect your body!”

The guards and the hidden guards froze a little then laughed, ” ha ha ha! The Lord, although you are still not dead, but we are here, ready to put you in the casket, we’ll kindly send you a ride to hell!”

Mu Qian’s complexion doesn’t look good but this Lord certainly has her secret weapon. In Mu Qian’s hand, she had mixed all kinds of poison, with just a wave, these people will be finished.

But just when she was about to strike, an elegant voice came.”In the end, who dares disturb my Xi’er’s mourning hall? I’ll make sure you’ll accompany her in death!” as he laughed painfully.

The sound of the first half of the sentence was moist as jade, as if people felt a gentle spring breeze. But did not think of the last words, suddenly became cold, instantly let people fall into the ice.

Translator’s Note:

Even Ah Ting calls Li Tian a “bitch” Bwahahaha.

And finally my FAVORITE MAN APPEARS!*Fangirling intensifies* ?

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