EWP Chapter 15: All the way to the streets

All the way to the streets

Mu Qian sneered, “Marry?”

“Second Elder, don’t play dumb with me, didn’t you always find ways to get Xuanyuan Li Tian to withdraw to his marriage so that your lovely granddaughter here can marry him? Today, I’m giving her the chance to get closer to him, as long as your granddaughter and Xuanyuan Li Tian experience the same hardships together, maybe she will be accepted to his door as his wife.”

“Lord, that’s…” even if Mu Ruyun can marry into his door successfully, I’m afraid she can’t even be conferred as a [1]cefei. Literally to try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it. The elder trembled with anger.

Mu Qian sarcastically said. “Second Elder, I know you’re too glad but please stop shaking with happiness, I’m getting dizzy.”

“Lord, please forgive this servant!” The Second Elder screamed.

“Let me go! I know I’m wrong.” Mu Ruyun cried.

“Lord, I have taken care of you for three years. In the past three years, I have always treated you like a sister. Don’t be cruel to me…”

“Ha ha ha! Take care of me, are you really?” Mu Qian smirked.

That pair of dark eyes is like a mirror, Mu Ruyun’s thoughts can’t be hidden in her eyes.

“Come! Send Mu Ruyun to accompany his highness Li Tian in the coffin.”

The Shadows wanted to do it, but Mu Ruyun cut them off. “No, I will go by myself.”

Since Mu Ruyun is close to the prince, knowing that things can’t be changed over, she can only accept this result.

She jumped into the jade coffin. This coffin was carefully built by the prince’s carpenter and it was spacious enough to hold two people.

Such a small space, with only the two of them.

In his darkest time, there was a woman to accompany him, Xuanyuan Li Tian should be moved.

But when he thought of her refusal, the way she struggled as if she didn’t really want to, Xuanyuan felt betrayed, he closed his eyes and didn’t want to see this hypocritical woman beside him again.

Mu Ruyun clenched his hand. “I will accompany you Brother Li Tian from now on, no matter what happens; I will always be with you.”

“I rebelled against Mu Qian, just to look for ways for us to escape. Let other people save us. But I didn’t think that even with my last method it still wouldn’t work. Forgive me. All I can do now is to accompany you.”

With the soft and gentle voice of the woman, Xuanyuan’s heart becomes soft again, after all he still has feelings for Mu Ruyun. He entwines his fingers onto hers and said in a loving tone. “Yun’er…”

Mu Wushuang ordered.”Put this divorce letter on the coffin and send it away together with the Seventh Prince to the palace!”

Mu Qian added. “Go slowly, don’t let the prince squat inside.”


Eight people carried the coffin, four people carried the lid, These strong men walked out of the Mu Jia’s residence.

Housekeeper Bai smiled. “Thanks to the Mu Jia’s Lord, this old servant saw a good show today. The master is still waiting for me to go back so I will go first.” He respectfully said goodbye to Mu Qian and her uncle.

“Okay, goodbye then” Mu Qian also returned his courtesy.

If Housekeeper Bai didn’t arrive today, with just the claims of Mu Ruyun and Xuanyuan Li Tian it is impossible for her to win this alone.

“As for you guys…” Mu Qianxi looked at the people present.

“Lord…” A group of them were frightened. Today, the Lord’s approach towards the prince is too scary. Together with the Third Master, their hearts are now skating on ice.

“The three elders have done their best for the Mu family in the past years. Today, I will spare you. As for the other people, all of them are to be sold.”

“Alright.” The three elders can escape this catastrophe, they can finally take a sigh of relief.

As for these minions, they will be sold when they are sold.

The three elders did not even plead for them, so they felt their future became bleak.

“Cough, cough…” At this time, Mu Wushuang actually coughed up. He reminded: “Xi’er I’m sure you’re tired, you should take a rest.”

“Little uncle should be the one to take a good rest first, come! Send my Little Uncle back inside his room.” Mu Qian ordered.


Mu Qian looked at the thin figure, the Little Uncle’s legs and eyes were not congenital, but were the result of poisoning.

The poisons destroyed her uncle’s body and also made his body very weak. If the uncle’s strength isn’t high, I am afraid he can’t even use a wheelchair. He can only lie on the bed every day and night.

She changed so much, why didn’t Little Uncle ask her anything?

She made up her mind, he is her Little Uncle, even if she isn’t the original Mu Qian, so what?

Her Little Uncle, the person who really cared for her from past to present. Even if he is the only relative around her, that is already enough.

After Mu Wushuang left, Mu Qian ordered. “Take this mourning hall to be demolished, Your Lord has not died yet!”


Mu Qianyi stretched out her arms slowly and lazily spoke. “I should also return to my room to rest. Although it’s fun to use my new abilities, it is really making me feel tired.”

When Mu Qian left, the white-haired old housekeeper stood behind a black slender figure and cupped his hands and reported. “Young Master, the lord has returned to rest, and we should also go back.”

He turned his head slightly, revealing a beautiful face that was as cold as ice, as bright as a demon, two very different feelings, but can be interpreted by his perfect countenance.

He has been there all the time and has been watching.

Mu Qian could not find him earlier, it was because her cultivation was not enough.

Jiu Ye randomly gave a command. “The coffin with Xuanyuan’s Li Tian should go to the main street. You need to make this thing big, and then solve the people who will try to save him.”

“This servant obeys.”

When Housekeeper Bai left, the black figure flashed in the blink of an eye. He went to the courtyard where the Mu Jia’s Lord was located.

[1] cefei – side concubine/ second ranked wife of a prince in first rank.

Translator’s Note:

Li Tian is really stupid and blind…

But the highlight here is the stalker appeared!

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