Gu Xuan recalled what that person looked like just now, prior to have not been wearing glasses, he did not see anything clearly, and by the time he saw clearly, the guy had been beaten unconscious already by the Admiral, the man’s jaw was also dislocated so he could not close his mouth that drooled like a waterfall. With the help of the lights from the battleship, the guy’s appearance can be clearly seen.

It was a mess Gu Xuan was ashamed to look at.

“Admiral, who the heck is that man, I have no idea who the guy you were negotiating with at the Planet Venom is, so don’t beat around the bush, just tell me real quick to satisfy my curiosity, could he also be the one who sent the distress signal before?”

“He wasn’t the one who negotiated with me, but he was the one who had set me up, and he was also the one who brought the Maurice Corps to my rescue under false pretenses later. This guy’s identity isn’t too clear, and I only noticed his face when he brought his men to my rescue. Looking at the clothes on him this time, although they are tattered and dirty, I can still see that these are the official uniform of a Major Admiral of the Maurice Army of Defense, but I have never seen that badge, so I can’t be sure until I go back and check.”

“Admiral doesn’t know what the man’s exact identity is?”

“At the very least, he should be a Major Admiral, I was angry after I sobered up at the time though, and was preparing for other battles so I didn’t have time to look into that bastard’s case, and I ended up forgetting about it after I had some free time. If I hadn’t seen his face today, I’m afraid I’d have forgotten about my near-death experience at the Planet Venom for the rest of my life.”

“How could you possibly forget that?” Gu Xuan raised his eyebrows in disbelief, a bit unable to figure out what kind of thinking and thoughts the person in front of him had forgotten such things, it wouldn’t be because things were too humiliating at the time so he forced himself to forget, right?

“I have no time to wonder about that. I was hoping that guy wouldn’t run into me, because if he does, I’ll screw him over. And viola here he is now.” Vee said reaching out and grabbing the ball of light floating in midair in his hand, squeezing it into an oval in the middle and stretching it out, then he threw the light that was stretched into a rod-like line.

Light combined to make a rod which could not get too far away from the wrist wheel, and then it stretched to shine into a long light as well, the glow closed in a little which made the path seem a lot brighter.

“Is that Maurice’s Cruiser?”

“A battleship in the guise of a commercial cruiser, to boot.” Vee had Raymond and Gu Xuan stand by and headed upwards himself.

This Maurice’s battleship was in shambles, and it was obvious that the hull had taken a serious hit, but what concerned Vee was the fact that the ship had the appearance of having been attacked by weapons in addition to the impact after crashing and collapsing crookedly in this jungle. Vee opened the communicator that had been turned off before because of the landing, and on the screen that popped up, the commander in the spaceship’s main control room that had been ignored for more than ten minutes said helplessly, “Admiral, please don’t cut the connection at will?”

“Um, I press it by accident.”

“I would never believe the Admiral who says it was accidental, you just did it on purpose, I know.”

“Well, I might even press it again by mistake now.” Said Vee, he had raised his hand to the screen and the commander scrambled up to stop him, “Don’t press Admiral, I have something important to say!”

“I just know you’re onto something important, so I accidentally gave the comms another click.”

“Admiral…” the commander sighed, “The cruiser is being inspected now, isn’t it?”


“The one sending the distress signal is the cruiser’s optical body, the distress signal has been going on for ten days, and the probes have detected that there are indeed survivors aboard the cruiser, but only one.”

“That is fine, no need to send extra troops. I’ll find him myself.”

“Admiral, are you planning to pilot that battleship with you to bring the current five of you back to the spaceship?”

“No, it’s six.”

“There’s one more? But I don’t think that a two-person battleship could carry 4 people ah.”

“That’s why I’m the one making this ‘special’ trip.”

There was a long silence on the other side of the screen, and then he said, “Well Admiral, I guess we’ll have to pick up some speed, we were in the interstellar path of Talis before, but now due to this planet we’re no longer in the path of Talis, and are currently in the common sector, but soon we’ll be reaching the Auster Empire’s Planet, without prior notice or invitation… That kind of thing is considered trespassing on another planet and I’m sure it will bring us a lot of trouble. At present, we don’t have a good relationship with Auster so please come back quickly or it will be even more troublesome.”

“I’ll be quick.” Vee frowned, the series of words made him look impatient, and after three words, he cut the line.

Before the others could stop it, Vee had already reached out and pressed off the communicator.

The spaceship flying along with the Planet K finally stopped moving after Vee did his last job as a ‘porter’ and instead started flying in the opposite direction, the battleship was stowed inside the hold, and in less than two star hours, Vee’s rescue trip to Planet K was over. After ordering Rui to carry out the guy tied up in the bunker, Vee immediately lifted his foot and kicked the other man out from the battleship.

Feeling in a good mood, he gave Rui a pat on the back and had the still-unconscious guys carried to the infirmary.

Translator’s Note:

Sometimes I pity the ML but most of the times he kinda deserves it.

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Poor ML, you deserve it ( I think. Hehe! I can’t jump to conclusion cause I didn’t finish this novel. ). Anyway, thanks for the chapter

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