EWP Chapter 5: Apology of the Cold Ashura

Apology of the Cold Ashura

Mu Qian saw an old man with white hair walking towards her and breathed a great sigh of relief. At least, it’s not that guy.

Housekeeper Bai laughed at her simple action and introduced himself in a friendly manner… “Young lady, I am the steward here, you can just call me Housekeeper Bai. The master is a quiet person, so here in addition to the master, only I am a human being, and I hope the lady wouldn’t mind.”

Mu Qian’s mouth twitches slightly, he likes to be quiet? So he’s willing to have a “certain” group of people that can’t talk to attend to him?

That man is too scary, too extreme; she must find a way to get out of here immediately. Mu Qian secretly pondered.

Mu Qian asked politely. “Do you have Medicinal herbs here? If there is also a refining room, it would be so much better.”

The general noble family will be dedicated to the refining pharmacist, but here she’s not too certain. There are too few humans here and having a Pharmacist isn’t really necessary.

Housekeeper Bai said: “Although we don’t have a pharmacist in our residence, we still have a refining room, may young lady follow me.”

Mu Qian walked into the refining room, a variety of conventional herbs, a lot of medical pills and elixirs, and there are also a lot of Cauldrons & Pill Furnaces.

This is simply the perfect refining place. I really want to stay here for a long time. But thinking about the man of Ashura, she don’t want to get her hopes up.

Housekeeper Bai guided her to the room, Mu Qian said with a smile. “You may retire first.”

Housekeeper Bai left her alone in the room and quietly closed the door,

“Oh My God! There are so many herbs here!” Mu Qian’s excitement reached a whole new level that another person can’t keep up.

“Ugly woman, you have such a little ambition, these are just some ordinary herbs ah, to be happy for such simple things like this, really embarrassing.” A sarcastic voice came.

“Little pavilion, can you handle keeping this herbs in your space? There’s nobody here anyway.” Mu Qian raised her eyebrows.

When he heard her call him “Little”, he almost wanted to go outside and strangle this woman.

“My name is “Ah Ting”, not “Little pavilion!”

Mu Qian counters. “My name is Mu Qian, not “Ugly woman!”



After the bickering, this beautiful youth no longer cares about Mu Qian, and Mu Qian… well, due no longer hearing unnecessary comments began to concentrate on prescribing drugs.

There are pharmacists and refining pharmacist (alchemist) in this world.

The pharmacist are capable on treating common illness and refine some simple medicines.

The refining pharmacists can refine the medicinal herbs. The medicinal herbs are very precious in this world, so the identity of the refining pharmacists is exceptionally high.

She is very interested in this world’s alchemy, but the most important thing is to escape from this ghost place first.

She can refine elixirs and poisons, these can become a magic weapon for her escape. Mu Qian devoted herself wholeheartedly in refining of pharmaceutical agents and poisons. Housekeeper Bai did not bother her, but sent a skeleton to send a hearty meal every while. This refinement period continued for three days.

Three days later, Mu Qianxi looked at the elixirs, pills and poison powders that are placed on the table… the corners of the mouth evoked an evil smile

“Beautiful man, I have prepared a gift for you! I hope you will like it.”

Putting away her own medicines and poisons, Mu Qian went out.

Housekeeper Bai hurriedly came over and asked. “Young lady, you finally came out? You stayed in the refining room for three days, I am really afraid that you’ll starve yourself in there.”

Mu Qian opened the gate to see the mountains outside and said. “I want to leave.”

She has her own set of proprieties to do in the Mu Jia after all. According to the memories of the previous body owner, Mu Qian obviously does not need to worry too much.

Housekeeper Bai answered truthfully: “Young lady, the person that brought you’ve back is the master. If you want to leave, you must get the master permission first.”

“Alright, Take me to see him!”


At this time, Jiu Ye is drinking tea in the yard.

Hearing footsteps approaching, he lifted his eyes slightly, his eyes falling on the body of Mu Qian who came over.

It was faded out from the vulgar golden dress and replaced with a purple dress, which made her appearance elegant -not a hair out of place.

The skin is white like snow, the facial features are pretty as a painting, and the dark eyes are sharp and clear.

Mu Qian also looked at him. That night, she didn’t clearly see this man features, but today…

It really is a beatiful demon-like face ah! The coldness of the eyes that made people dare not approach, just like a thousand years of ice statue.

“I want to leave here, can you let me go?” Mu Qianqi said, and the momentum is compelling.

She originally thought that this man would refuse, after all, she still has a treasure! The Eternal Pavilion, Chaos Jiuzhong Pavilion.

However, she did not think that his thin lips were lightly opened, and he even spit out a “good” word. When Mu Qian wanted to leave, he easily agreed to let her go.

The poisons she prepared has not been sent out yet!

Mu Qianxi said. “Then I will go.”

Just as Mu Qianxi turned around, Jiu Ye stood up slowly and walked towards her and said. “Halt!” Mu Qian’s back was stiff, she knew that this man will not let her go. She put the poison powder in her hands once more and is ready to shoot at any time.

Jiu Ye stands in front of Mu Qian, suddenly grabbed her hand, took out a ring carved with a water blue gem, and put it on her ring finger.

“My apologies.”

He said this sentence with a very stiff tone.

He apologized!

Mu Qian wanted to leave and doesn’t want to meet him again thus decided to take the ring off and return it saying… “I accept your apology but I will never accept the ring!”

“Stupid! You’re really Stupid! Hurry up and take it! This ring is one of the Eternal artifacts, the Eternal Ring, Water God Dragon Ring!”

What? This is an eternal artifact!? And he gave it away like that making Mu Qian dumbfounded.

That night, wasn’t he going to kill her for the Eternal Pavilion? Now, he had given an artifact that is comparable to the Eternal Pavilion to her just like that! It’s too ridiculous.

At this time, Mu Qian wanted to break his head and see what was going on in his mind.

“You can’t refuse, otherwise…die!”

The killing intent in that pair of cold blue eyes is definitely not a joke.

Ah Ting yelled at her “If you don’t accept it, I will die with you!” Don’t you what’s good for you, are you really that stupid?!

Mu Qian’s mouth is twitching, and she really can’t stand these two. She slowly said. “No matter what reason you gave this ring to me, but still, thank you.”

After the unexpected event with Jiu Ye, Mu Qian quickly left his residence. According to the memories in her mind, she finally found the location of Mu Jia.

As soon as she turned over the wall, Mu Qian heard the sound of wails and mourning. There are white banners everywhere and the whole family members wore white clothes. As she goes in, Mu Qian heard that the cries become fiercer, a white banner was placed over the door of the household.

In the main courtyard of the Mujia, A mourning hall was placed, inside was a female voice crying her heart out, “Oh! Lord, you are so miserable!”

Mu Qian’s delicate face, was instantly distorted!

Translator’s Note:

I remember Beyonce’s song in this chapter.

“If you like then you should have put a ring on it”

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