EWP Chapter 1: Through the Nouveau riche home

Purple Moon Kingdom, on the outskirts of the Capital.


     A golden figure, wrapped in damaged linen was thrown into a mass grave outside the city.


     A series of loud caws, with corpses around, crows weren’t scared to fly thus unknown black feathers are falling from the air.

     The bones were placed over another, typically so that both are still evident, the decay smell and the surrounding air is extremely cold and turbid.

      “This Lord of the jia is really pitiful; do we really need to bury her with the other corpses?”

      “Shut your mouth! A woman who is so vulgar and sinister like her dares to think about the Seventh Prince, she deserves to die!”

      “I didn’t think of that, Ah! The beauty of the Mu Jia is…”

     Those who have not finished talking yet were startled. In the original ghastly mass grave, suddenly, they heard some rustle, like there’s some force that is about to wake up.

     A disgusting smell made Mu Qian awaken from her chaotic consciousness. When she opened her eyes, she saw a canine that was three times bigger than a normal wolf dog in front of her.

     She didn’t think twice just directly attacked, her right hand’s movement was so fast, with a dagger in her hand she accurately cuts down the neck of the dog.


     The wolf dog fell to the ground, Ow! ow! The last wails before its death.

     After releasing the wolf dog to destroy the body, the three people went to check; upon arriving they heard a voice behind them, upon looking back they had found a pair of dark and treacherous eyes at this time that is staring at them.

      “Ghost!” they exclaimed, wanting to run right away

      “Stop, all of you!” Mu Qian said

     The voice of indifference seems to be from hell.

     They are scared and stiff, no longer dares to move. “Don’t kill me! Don’t eat me! We are just paid to do things.”

     Mu Qian stood on the hills piled up by the bones and slowly walked down, with a torn robe, full of blood she seem to climb out of hell.

     She ignored the three people but looked around.

      “Where is this? Am I not studying new drugs in the laboratory?”


     Suddenly there was a sharp pain in my brain.

     Some familiar and unfamiliar information emerged in her mind like a tide.

     Mu Qian, Mu Jia’s lord!

     Mu Jia, the Purple Moon Country’s first nouveau rich family.

     There are piles of gold and silver as tall as mountains in their state, it isn’t money from evil but this Lord is such a waste!

     In this world where the strong is respected, whereas has two divisions which are martial arts and spiritual training!

     And Mu Qian, not only martial arts but she also has no aptitude for spiritual training, a complete waste.

     Even though she is a waste, this Mu Qian also dresses so provocatively and almost all of her body has gold, silver and jade.

     Wherever she went, she was ridiculed, disdained and despised.

     And the things that she had done today are even more outrageous!

     In order to get her fiancé’s personal jade she competed with the eldest daughter of a significant official in a match, until she was ruthlessly killed by Ouyang Wei and was thrown into the mass grave.

     These three people were ordered by that Miss to dump her corpse here. Also, there are other people who paid them to come with such a dog to tear her body; those people really wanted her dead!

     They saw Mu Qian, who was approaching like a resurrection of an evil spirit and hurriedly begged for mercy. “Lord please spare us! This is what our family miss asked us to do. That wolf dog is handed to us by Mu’s second miss.”

     Mu Jia only has her as the daughter in the family; there is no second miss that they spoke of.

     Mu Ruyun! Because of her good relationship with the family, she almost blindly obeyed her and made everyone call her as the second miss.

     Mu Ruyun is usually an understanding person and would gladly take care of other people. However, I didn’t expect that her heart was so cold and more vicious than Ouyang Wei is.

     For these pleadings, Mu Qian did not care and the mastermind of course, she will also get them back for what they’ve done.

     She will never let them go.

     Like a ghost, she jumped towards the men and with her skill, moved around to reach each of their nape.

      “Three snaps!”


     Three bodies were fiercely kicked like a ball, fell hard on the ground, even in death they still didn’t know what happen, they died easily like that.

     Method such as this was like a way of a demon, with a fatal blow, they were easily sent to a trip to Yellow Spring.

     She is the Modern Ghost Doctor and people honor her skills like a master, right or wrong no one dares to slight her.

     All those who have offended her have been sent to King Yama unceremoniously.

      “Drip drip…”

     Mu Qian moved twice, and the wounds on her body splits larger that blood flows down to the ground.

     Under the bones and ashes in the mass grave, there is a green slate that greedily absorbs the blood flowing down from Mu Qian.

     Suddenly, a pale green light wrapped her body and took her to a place.

     Mu Qian opened her eyes and found herself sitting in a pavilion.

     This is a quaint little pavilion; the color gray and green is so mysterious!

     Surrounded by a long lake, this exquisite small pavilion is like an island in the sea!

      “Where is this?” Mu Qian murmured.

     At this time, Mu Qian decided to feel the lake, and there were fishes swimming!


     Sounds of water dripping came over. When Mu Qian turned over and looked at it, she saw a boy like a water demon in the clear lake swimming like a fish.

Translator’s Note:

Hey guys! Long time no see! As you all know the previous website is no more, and I will post all the current chapters first before releasing the new chapters I’ve already finished. Also, this novel would be my focus first so, I decided to drop the other novels I’m working on before, sorry.

Please take care of me again m(__)m

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