PP Chapter 4.1

The doorbell ringing continuously outside sounded like a reminder; however the two people in the room had no intention of moving their butts at all. They stared straight at the screen in front and were completely absorbed in the competition.

One of them cursed: “What F*cking props are you using?! How could you catch up to me so quickly? F*ck! Is my controller broken?!”

The other voice was indifferent: “What props, your skills in cornering are just too weak. If I want to overtake it would be so easy.”

“F*ck…Yang Xuan don’t super me, can’t you let me win!”

Yang Xuan acted like he hadn’t heard him, without blinking his eyes, he said: “Playing a game on the sofa already made you a mess. Look, your phone is ringing for a while now.”

“I… really…” Feng Bo gritted his teeth and squeezed out these two words. He leaned forward and took his mobile phone from the coffee table. With a bad mood he answered. “Hello, who’s this?” In the next second his tone changed to 180% degrees. He went to the corner and said. “He… hello Uncle Yang. Eh? Yang Xuan? He’s at my house right now… What? You were the one knocking on the door? Sure, wait for a moment I’ll open it for you!”

Feng Bo turned his face to Yang Xuan and formed the word using his lips: “Your Father is here!” Then he went and looked for slippers. Yang Xuan kicked one of the pair and hurriedly put it on. He couldn’t find the second one, so he had to tiptoe to open the door downstairs.

“Uncle Yang, I’m sorry, Yang Xuan and I were discussing homework just now. The argument was a bit fierce so I didn’t hear the doorbell ringing. I’m sorry, really sorry!”

Yang Chengchuan looked at Feng Bo’s mischievous smile towards him, he sighed at Yang Xuan. “If the two of you can really discuss your homework someday, that would be the eighth wonder of the world. Tell Yang Xuan to stop playing and come home with me!”

Yang Xuan didn’t bat an eyelid; he started a new game and continued playing, with a sarcastic tone he asked: “Which home?”

Yang Chengchuan couldn’t hold back his face, and said with a sullen expression: “Come out quickly, your aunt and your brother will come over today. Stop acting like a child.”

Yang Xuan stared at the screen absently: “I don’t have an aunt or a brother. That’s not my home.”

“You—” Yang Chengchuan pushed the door angrily and grabbed Yang Xuan’s arm to pull him out. “Since I am always easy on you, you think you can go and take it for granted? I came here to pick you up, not to discuss matters with you!”

Yang Xuan shook his arm impatiently and removed the hand that Yang Chengchuan was holding on to him, then threw the controller aside, stood up and looked at Yang Chengchuan. He was half a head taller than Yang Chengchuan, and he was born strong and tall. Although his muscles didn’t look so obvious, because he had developed too much for the past two years he was still a level higher in strength compared to Yang Chengchuan.

Yang Chengchuan was stubborn as a mule, he pulled Yang Xuan’s arm once more and frowned. “Why are you still not coming with me? Hurry up and go home!”

Feng Bo was so frightened that he dared not make a sound; he stood timidly at the door and tried to gesture to Yang Xuan to follow his father.

Yang Xuan turned a blind eye and shook off Yang Chengchuan’s hand once again. He bent over to pick up the coat that was on one side and stepped out before him: “Okay, I’ll go back. I’ll show you what it means to take kindness for granted.”

Seeing the two elusive father and son duo walking out, Feng Bo stammered. “Un, uncle come again…”

Yang Xuan put on his coat as he walked straight to the black car parked downstairs, opened the back seat door, and sat down promptly.

Yang Chengchuan got in the car and reminded him to wear his seat belt, he scolds: “You’ll be in third year in high school in half a semester. Fooling around with your so-called sports friends every day, aren’t you ashamed of yourself…”

“Oh, aren’t you lucky for having another son.” Yang Xuan interrupted, pulled down his cap and tilted his head against the back of the car set, pretending to sleep.

Yang Chengchuan scowled but he tried to suppress his anger: “Xiao Xuan, your mother is gone. I feel just as bad as you but it has been two years already, you should be sensible and learn that people can’t always live in the past, you must learn how to grow up like…”

“Like you?” Yang Xuan closed his eyes and smirked. “You don’t have to place such high hopes on me, I can’t.”


Sitting at the dinner table, Tang Junhe looked at the room with some curiosity. This is not the one he came to ten years ago, it’s odd. The house with four rooms and two halls wasn’t clean; you can easily pick up the things that had happened just from the mess. 

More than an hour ago, Yang Chengchuan took him and Tang Xiaonian to visit all the rooms— apart from the locked room of Yang Xuan.

His mother, Tang Xiaonian has quickly adapted to her new identity in this short span of time, rattling around in the kitchen, acting like the mistress of the house.

Tang Junhe didn’t know what kind of glamour Yang Chengchuan had used towards his mother, she who scolded him over and over for more than ten years had suddenly changed her mind and willingly married him.

“I’m getting married.” Tang Xiaonian calmly announced the news to Tang Junhe at the dinner table that night. Her tone sounded like she was just stating the facts, she didn’t even bother asking Tang Junhe for his opinions.

Tang Junhe was taken aback for a moment. “With whom?”

“Your biological father.” Tang Xiaonian said. “Yang Chengchuan.”

Although the fact that “Yang Chengchuan is Tang Junhe’s biological father” was tacit between the mother and son, it was the first time that Tang Xiaonian had clearly mentioned it in front of Tang Junhe.

“Why?” Tang Junhe asked again, he really doesn’t understand.

“No reason. His wife died two years ago. He came to propose to me two months ago so I agreed.” Tang Xiaonian reached out and pulled the drooping hair behind his ears. “This is an adult matter, you’re still a child so you don’t have to worry about it.”

“I don’t agree.” Tang Junhe stared at his mother.

“I’m not asking for your permission. “Tang Xiaonian tapped the edge of the plate with her chopsticks. “Let’s eat.”

Tang Xiaonian has always been very stubborn, the same kind of stubbornness that he has. She gave birth to Tang Junhe on her own more than ten years ago, and she hadn’t discussed it with anyone. At that time, she went back to the village to see her mother with a big belly and with tonics bought from the city. After she was kicked out, she persistently bent down, picked up the scattered things back into the bag, put them at her mother’s door, she then returned to the city with her pregnant belly.

More than ten years had passed; she agreed on marrying Yang Chengchuan, who had abandoned her back then. Till now, she still didn’t plan to discuss it with anyone and she wouldn’t even listen to the opinions of the baby son she held in her palm.

Everyone said that Tang Junhe was like Tang Xiaonian, they look alike, and their personality was the same, even that stubbornness of hers was exactly the same.

Due to her big announcement, the relationship between mother and child suddenly turned strange, as if there was a wall that abruptly appeared in between. Yet no one tried to break it and just let it be.

Tang Junhe looked at the busy figure in the kitchen and in his belief, perhaps his mother had fantasized about this scene many times already. After waiting for more than ten years, now that her dreams have come true, naturally she will do her job well.

Tang Junhe hates this house, hates Yang Chengchuan and hates Tang Xiaonian who changed her identity.

He’s just a little curious about Yang Xuan. He wants to know about the big brother, who had been like a small model since he was young, looked like now. However, he knew Yang Xuan wouldn’t welcome him and his mother’s arrival…

Tang Xiaonian displayed her utmost cooking skills and completed four dishes and one soup in just over an hour.

“Come and serve food!” Tang Xiaonian shouted sideways in the kitchen, and when Tang Junhe entered the kitchen, she inquired.”Have they not come back yet? Picking someone up could take for so long… Hey! Did your father—”

Tang Junhe picked up the plate and left, muttering. “I don’t have a father.”

Tang Xiaonian was caught off guard by his interruption. Not only was she not angry, she even smiled lightly. She stood there for a moment, then took the chopsticks and walked towards the living room: “Forget it you don’t have to call him father if that’s what you want.” She glanced at the wall clock. “It’s almost 1:00 pm, are you hungry? I’ll get you something to eat first.”

“I’m not hungry.” Tang Junhe had said so but Tang Xiaonian still brought a small bowl from the kitchen, while arranging the plates, she said with a sigh. “It would be fine if you can be just polite to them, especially with your big brother. I heard from Yang Chengchuan that he didn’t perform well in his academics and was prone to fights. He was sent to the police station because of a fight before and was almost detained… We just moved in and he must hate us right now. I plan to discuss it later with Yang Chengchuan, see if he can let Yang Xuan live on campus for the time being so we can be at ease, it would be the best for us…”

“I’m telling you I’m not hungry.” Tang Junhe interrupted her in a low voice, after a pause, he advised. “This is his home. I will live on campus instead.”

“You think it would still be the same as when you’re young?” Tang Xiaonian sighed. “Don’t be gullible. Even we can’t know what he thinks of us in his heart.”

“Then in the first place you shouldn’t have sent me here and you didn’t have to marry either!”

“I didn’t do these things for my own good—” Tang Xiaonian raised her voice in a reflex; she then automatically went to turn off the fire. “Fine, I won’t quarrel with you anymore, just remember that everything he has should have been yours, it only came a little late. You can eat these first, I’ll go clean up first.” She put the small bowl in front of Tang Junhe and returned to the kitchen.

Due to loss of appetite or the bad mood, Tang Junhe doesn’t know which one but no matter how appetizing the food smells like he didn’t even take a bite.

It was clear that the mother and son pair’s life was good before so why did his mother have to marry him. It doesn’t make sense. In regards to them moving here, it was quite obvious what Yang Xuan would think of them. Between the eldest son and the other woman that also brought her son into the household, the latter was to blame.

Tang Junhe picked up the chopsticks he wanted to finish eating so he could turn to his room early. He knew how embarrassing the next scene would be, especially sitting with each other.


Translator’s Note:

It’s the start of the second arc, the longest arc to be exact. As you read, YX has changed too much from the sunny boy that he used to be, there would be too much drama starting from here that I sometimes wish to hit the heads of these two dorks.

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Thank you for your hard work!

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Am I even ready for the angst? I love them both to much to choose sides.

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