Raymond didn’t seem too interested in that, the figure in front of him was more concerning to him.

Gu Xuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “The Admiral doesn’t need you to worry, you know these things with low combat power, it’s just a matter of one finger for the Admiral, and the Admiral is still had a pair of hands, which when stretched out it’ s a matter of ten minutes.”

“……” Raymond put his hand on the ball of light in mid-air, then pushed the ball of light out with force, and in an instant because the ball of light left, it became pitch black on this side: “The Admiral is now a sub male.”

“Even if he is a sub male, he is definitely the strongest person in the Talis Empire in combat, what’s wrong with a sub male, the Admiral’s combat ability is not affected by the mutation at least half the time, or else the Emperor wouldn’t have let him lead this negotiation team because of that.”

“You don’t know a thing.”

“Tsk, tsk, Look at you, it hasn’t even been a year when you went without the Admiral, where’s the original gentle Officer Raymond, who can’t say a vulgar word like ‘fart’ and when I say you’re not the Admiral’s adjutant nobody believes me. So just tell me, how is that any different from what you’d said?”

“Admiral is a military officer, do you understand? What country in the galaxy doesn’t know that he’s an avid war lover? Privately there must have been quite a few people who have evaluated his fighting ability, not to mention that battle a few years ago, letting the Admiral lead the negotiating team was nothing more than a clear message to the other side that such matters should be discussed by putting him on the that spot, if we succeed, they would let him fight but if not, he is of no use.” Raymond felt that in front of Gu Xuan, he was not a thirty-two-year-old composed male anymore. Why did it always feel like Doctor Gu Xuan was treating him like a child?

“Isn’t this just a matter of tactical strength, what are you pulling with me?”

“……” Raymond felt a bit brain-dead and bellowed, “I just wanted to tell you that while His Majesty has the Admiral leading this group, all he actually wants is the Admiral as a deterrent, and no one but our Empire knows that the Admiral has mutated and that this is something that After His Majesty’s careful consideration, and even at first he refused the Admiral’s request to lead the team, His Majesty was very apprehensive about the Admiral’s health.”

“What does that have to do with what I know?”

“You ……” Raymond gritted his teeth and hated having to slap Gu Xuan in his head, with just a series of conversations, he found out how the two of them could not pull themselves together in one place, being stirred up by Gu Xuan. What was originally meant to be expressed was forgotten. Raymond slapped his forehead, “Damn, I was just going to say that even if the Admiral is the strongest he’s still a sub male, His Majesty can’t allow him to make any mistakes, I have to protect him.”

“Then why don’t you just say that from the start, why are you talking with so much nonsense? Getting older, did you lose your brain or something?” Gu Xuan carelessly continued to wipe the sweat from his forehead, ” All this talk and I haven’t seen you up there protecting him.”

“If I could keep up with the Admiral’s pace, would I still be here guiding light for you?”

“So it’s all a total ‘fart’ when it comes to talkin’ about everything, and as an adjutant, you’re just going to have to take care of the Admiral’s upkeep and life, and just fight and pilot the ships on a regular basis, so to speak, you’re the one being protected is more like it. You can’t keep up with the Admiral’s pace at all.”

“You’re telling me I’m a complete drag?”

“Depends on what kind of person you think you are, to me you’re like a war hero, no worse to the admiral just like I am to you.”


“Hey, do you two just wander through this jungle, enjoying the atmosphere of Mother Nature, or what?” Vee stood at a distance, speaking as he kicked the huge animal that had passed out at his feet towards the two men. Raymond pulled past Gu Xuan and took several steps back before dodging the huge creature.

“Maurice’s Cruiser is just ahead, keep up with me at speed, I won’t come back if any creature runs to attack you afterwards.”

Gu Xuan spread his hands at Raymond, “See, sure enough we’re the ones being protected by the Admiral.”


Admiral, please spare me some face, though it was already a matter of habit to be damaged by Gu Xuan.

Gu Xuan accelerated the movement of his hands, there was not much time to study what kind of animal this creature was, but there was already a decision in his mind, he remembered from the previous data, thinking whether to pull out this guy’s long fangs to go back to do something decorative, but after thinking about it forget it, in any case stripping these adorable creatures of their skin and blood is already a kind of damage.

They soon caught up with Vee, Gu Xuan still couldn’t resist his previous curiosity and asked Vee, “Admiral, what kind of deep hatred did that guy have with you before, looking at the way you were beating him up, you couldn’t wait to tear him up and eat him.”

“The reason for signing an armistice with Maurice was something you know, right, that bastard set me up during the talks on the Planet Venom in which I almost died. That bastard also pretended to be a good guy and faked leading his troops to save me, resulting in me being unconscious for half a month at that time, and when I woke up all I knew was that the other two sides had signed an armistice, and the Planet Venom that should have belonged to Talis was divided into two, what do you say, this can be considered as a deep hatred, right?”

Nevermind anything else, the bastard had the audacity to set him straight, it was really…

Looking for death…

Translator’s Note:

Raymond is always speechless when he talks to Gu Xuan XD

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Wandering Fujoshi

It seems ML is really looking for death.
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