In the corridor on the first floor, the teenager was hit hard by two students who were running and playing, and fell to the ground. As he subconsciously braced himself on the ground, his entire body weight was on his arms, and the impact made a “bang” when he hit the ground.

The textbooks he was holding were all scattered all over the floor, and his white T-shirt was dusty and had holes where it rubbed against the ground.

As if he hadn’t recovered yet, the teenager maintained his fallen position, head bowed and eyes downcast.

The two boys who had bumped into him were standing around, with no intention of helping him at all.

Zhang Man of course knew these two, they were also classmates, one of them was a little thin and weak called Wang Xiaofeng, and the other was a tall and strong boy with slightly dark skin called Liu Chang, a Sports Committee member after the class.

And it was rumored that these two were in the same junior high school as Li Wei.

Wang Xiaofeng looked at the scene in front of him, his lips trembling and his eyes terrified, he said, “Li …… Li Wei, we …… didn’t do it on purpose, you ……”

Before he finished speaking, he was stopped by Liu Chang on the side, “What are you afraid of? It’s just a bump, what’s the big deal.”

The young man on the ground pursed his lips and didn’t speak. He braced himself against the ground to get up, seeming to feel a slight pain, his brow furrowed.

But it was only an extremely brief pause.

He got up sharply and bent down to pick up the books scattered on the floor.

From start to finish, he didn’t even look at those two.

Zhang Man stood at the top of the stairs, looking at him from behind, feeling her heart grow sore at the sight of him.

Oftentimes, Li Wei gave her the feeling of being an outsider, drifting outside the mundane world to watch from a distance how noisy the society was.

Anger, dispute, and even fight, are the instinctive reactions of boys of this age when they are mocked and provoked. As long as people live in social groups, there will be friction, and it will be difficult to find peace.

But he didn’t, and everything else in the world except Physics seemed irrelevant to him. So once his passion for it had ended, nothing else in this world could keep him.

This feeling made her very powerless, and she wanted to keep him tied to her, for fear that one day he would completely abandon the world without her seeing it.

Before the trepidation in her heart grew wider and wider, Zhang Man walked to his side.

When Liu Chang saw Li Wei ignoring him, he felt even more upset and wanted to continue provoking him. Who knows that when he was about to take a step forward, his foot was trampled on by someone.

He cried out in pain and was about to curse, but when he looked down, he found that the one who stepped on him was actually a 1.6 meter or so young girl who looked gentle and sweet.

Looking at her frame, it seems like it was unintentional, and she looked …… quite pretty.

So Liu Chang swallowed back the profanity that was about to burst.

Zhang Man said an apology to him. While acting like she was terrified, she twisted her foot even harder and took hold of Li Wei’s arm in a somewhat startling manner before Liu Chang could react and held it up before his eyes.

“Classmate, your arm is broken and bleeding badly. Let’s go, I’ll accompany you to the infirmary to bandage it.” She said, snatching the few English books in Li Wei’s hand and shoving them into the hand of Liu Chang on the side.

“Classmates, could you please move the books to the class, thank you!”

When she said this, she spoke slowly, her voice was soft, and the look on her face deliberately imitated Zhang Huifang, revealing that bright, brilliant, smile with two deep dimples.

As expected the side of Liu Chang and Wang Xiaofeng were stunned, dumbstruck, nodded their heads, and mechanically squatted down to pick up the English books on the ground, without saying a word to the stairs, the bad mood and provocation just now seemed to be all forgotten.

Zhang Man let out a sigh of relief and rubbed her slightly stiff face, only then did she realize that she had just been holding onto the young man’s arm.

The warmth of his body temperature passed through the sensory cells in her palm to her heart, and the warmth gradually gave her a great sense of security, as if she had taken a reassuring pill.

Zhang Man unconsciously curved her lips, slightly reluctant to let go of it.

The young man had been watching her since earlier, but there was no particular meaning in his eyes.

He nodded his thanks to her and turned to walk upstairs, apparently not taking the wound on his arm seriously at all.

Zhang Man got a little anxious and pulled on his uninjured wrist, a little harder this time, pulling him in the opposite direction.

“The infirmary is over there, you’ve gone the wrong way.”

Li Wei for a second was startled, feeling a bit resistant, and turned to look at her hand pulling his wrist.

A sixteen or seventeen year old girl, she was small and so delicate yet she seemed to have a lot of strength, causing him to not even be able to break free all of a sudden.

If he tried to break free even harder, he might hurt her.

The young man’s lips pursed, no longer struggling, and followed her to the infirmary.

The infirmary was next to the cafeteria, some distance from the school building. She pulled him along, both of them silent without speaking.

The temperature on the young man’s arm made her hands burn, and Zhang Man gritted her teeth to ignore the strange feeling in her heart, never letting go.

The atmosphere seemed a little awkward, but she wasn’t an expert at stirring up conversation, so she simply kept her mouth shut and didn’t speak.

Turning to sneak a glance at him, the expression on the young man’s face was serene, not feeling awkward and uncomfortable a bit.

Zhang Man lowered her guard. Yes, with him, there was never any need to deliberately find a topic, because they both liked being quiet.

Their pace gradually slowed down as they passed through the school building area and arrived at the side of the twin city stream. 

It was a very long city stream in N City that ran right across the entire campus.

However, it was not until the end of the year that it was discovered by a group of people in the city who had been working on a project for the past few years.

The exquisite and handsome young man is half a step behind the young girl, being held by the wrist and walking forward. His steps were small, as if he had deliberately adjusted them to be in line with the girl.

It was rather like a pair of walking lovers.

The infirmary was on the other side of the bridge, and they quickly approached.

“Teacher, this student’s arm is injured, it looks like it’s quite serious.”

The male doctor wearing a white lab coat was about 50 or 60 years old and looked friendly and gentle. He held the old reading glasses that drooped from the bridge of his nose and lifted Li Wei’s arm to look at it.

“It’s so swollen, you should have an X-ray to check it out, most likely it’s a bone fracture. The wound is fine though, it’s bleeding a lot, but it shouldn’t be deep.”

Saying that, he took an appreciative glance at Li Wei: “This boy is capable, he’s swollen like this but his face remains unchanged, he has backbone.”

Zhang Man listened to the doctor’s words and took a deep breath as her heart tugged hard.

She leaned in to take a closer look and found that the area around his wound had been swollen with a very high patch of blue and purple color, which looked appalling.

It was so badly injured……

The school physician took him inside to get an X-ray, and Zhang Man sat on the bench at the door to wait.

Her thoughts were a bit confused, as she tried to recall some details in her past life, but she found that she couldn’t remember any of it. All she remembered was that he had taken a leave of absence after bringing back the English books, and only returned to school a week or so later. There were still some students in his class at the time who said he was receiving the top student treatment right after he started school.

So, at that time, he carried that heavy load of textbooks to the third floor with the pain of a fractured bone and went home alone?

Zhang Man knew that there was no one at his home and he could only take care of himself when he went back.

Besides, with his temperament, he would never go to the hospital. How did he spend that week or so in his previous life? Just let the bones grow on their own?

She sucked in a breath of cold air and clutched at her hand.

It was only the first day, is there anything more that she didn’t know before?

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Am I to assume this will be some awkward, quiet but beautiful love story? I like those because they are sincere… I am not an introvert, but I run away from love xD


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