The guy was held against his waist and couldn’t move, his head was bobbing and his mouth was open like he wanted to bite off Vee’s fingers, just like a fierce beast.

Vee grabbed the guy’s jaw and broke it hard to his side, but the battleship was at the back, so that it was simply against the light, Vee whispered a curse and forced a 180-degree all-around spin on the guy in this position. The guy was still shrieking with rage, his teeth grinding as loudly as if he wasn’t grinding his teeth but Vee’s bones.

Vee’s rude and violent action scared the young soldier Rui, he even took two steps backward, looking at the person who was underneath Admiral Vee, giving his body a spin to deliberately graze the rough ground, that feeling, Rui touched his belly, he felt hot pain just by looking at him.

Just thinking of the previous words of the admiral saying to marry him, the feeling of fear suddenly came up, the admiral is famous for the use of force to settle the problem and he is a ‘will not talk nonsense with you type’, if you make any mistake…

Wouldn’t life be full of blood and lessons, and a sub male like the Admiral, a small soldier like him, could only watch and admire him from afar, and it would not just take a modicum of guts to get close.


Luckily I just said I wouldn’t dare.

Good thing the Admiral didn’t plan to push himself either.

The light hit the man from the front, and they were already far distance away from the ship, but the reach of the searchlight was long, and at this distance they could see the road very clearly, not to mention the man. The guy was struggling so hard that Vee’s violent temper kicked in and he just simply dislodged the guy’s jaw hard, and immediately, the guy’s roar changed its tune.

“Admiral, knock him out. I’ll take the sample.” Gu Xuan handed the case to Raymond, opened it, and began preparing the necessary tools to collect the data.

Vee tilted his head, adjusting his vision to observe what the guy in front of him looked like, did he remind Gu Xuan, “What ‘take a sample’ it’s a human being, just like us!”

Raymond took out the glasses from inside the case and handed them to Gu Xuan, turning to ask Vee, “Admiral, I think the clothes on this guy are a little familiar.”

After hearing Raymond’s words, Vee looked passed the feet of the guy underneath his body all the way to his face, not leaving out any of the details of his tattered clothes, and he said to the guy whose jaw was broken off, “I can’t believe it’s you.”

The words were a bit informative, and on one side, Gu Xuan has not yet asked who exactly it was but a resounding sound already came.

‘Bang’, Vee raised his hand, hit the head of the person underneath him and punched over, the blow made the guy’s head hit the ground, the fierce eyes instantly dispersed, the mouth moaned in pain, due to dislodged in the jaw the man failed to close his mouth, so his saliva directly flowed down.

Vee was so excited to see this guy make a fool of himself, it really put him in a good mood, it was simply arguably the most enjoyable thing that had happened to him in so long since his own mutation.

“Admiral!” Raymond tossed the case back to Gu Xuan and went up into a crouch, “Admiral, you knocked him out.”

“He’s the one who beat me up, dammit, it’s kinda weird that this bastard would show up here. I saw his face and my anger came up, how can I calm down if I don’t beat him up?” He said before punching the guy again, and this time, the guy just closed his eyes and really fainted as soon as his voice stopped. Vee stood up and kicked a foot on the guy, hooked the badge on the chest of the guy’s shirt with his fingertips, and said to Raymond, “It feels like the clothes look familiar right, if I remember it’s the Top in Maurice Corps.”

“Admiral, do you have a problem with him?”

After a reminder, Raymond took another glance at the badge that looked a little too ornate. The people who were supposed to be rescued this time were Maurice’s people, regardless of the fact that they were originally from the Empire they had to do it, but just now Vee’s actions were completely like a personal vendetta. It’s not like he wanted to save these people and then fight them half to death and take them as captives, right?

“Yes, it’s deep.” Vee looked to Rui, “Drag him up to the ship, tie him up, tie him up real tight, and after that you stay on the battleship and watch over him.”

“Yes, Sir!” Rui touched his chest and took a very standard military posture.

Like the data analyzed by the ship’s main brain, the creatures of Planet K were extremely aggressive, but their offensive capabilities were so low that Rui couldn’t help but shake his head. Gu Xuan was busy taking the opportunity to collect blood samples and skin cells, the more they walked in front the darker and darker it became, the light in Raymond’s wrist wheel cast a circular ball of light in mid-air, the light illuminated the surrounding area, with regard to Gu Xuan’s collection. And ahead, from time to time came the roar of wild animals, groaning as well as heavy objects fell to the ground.

Gu Xuan wiped the sweat on his forehead, looked up and saw Raymond looking not far away from the rising and falling bodies, then said: “these creatures are not seen by a long time ago, you can say these are creatures of the past, I even suspect that this planet had entered the space teleportation belt carelessly before coming here, the rough look of these things are from a long, long, long time ago, I really want to stay and research! Tsk, tsk, unfortunately it looks like the planet is orbiting so fast that a long stay is out of the question.”

Translator’s Note:

I always feel that Vee is like a girl on her period when he sees the ML, very moody!

Also, i have exams tomorrow till Friday, my head kinda hurts and i already finished 3 cups of coffee just to keep my eyes open. *sighs…

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Hehehe! That’s Admiral Vee, very vicious. Don’t look down a sub male. Thanks for the chapter

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