PP Chapter 3.2

Yang Xuan was stunned, there was a buzz in his head, the hand clutching the red bucket instantly loosened and with a thud, all the small fishes, shrimps and crabs that he had just caught fell back into the water. Yang Xuan had no time to care about it, he grabbed the boy and loudly asked: “What happened to him?! Is he safe?! Why did he fall into the water!?”

“Go and take a look!” The boy who ran over fell on his knees as he’s gasping for air.

Yang Xuan broke out in a cold sweat, he quickly stepped out of the water, ignoring his shoes and ran straight towards Tang Junhe’s side.

Didi!” Yang Xuan’s voice came from far away, his tone full of worries. “Are you okay?”

Tang Junhe was lowering his head and wiping his tears silently. Hearing Yang Xuan’s voice, he raised his tearful face and looked at Yang Xuan, who was sprinting from a distance, as if he was suddenly touched by a certain switch in his body, Tang Junhe cried his eyes out.

There was a small cut on his forehead, the blood is gurgling while flowing down on his tender white face, looking a bit horrible.

Yang Xuan saw that his didi was bullied. He clenched his fists, stared at a group of young boys watching from the sidelines and yelled. “Who bullied him?!”

Someone from the crowd immediately pointed out a boy: “He pushed your brother down.”

“It’s not me!” the boy refuted. “He insisted on—”

Halfway through his sentence, Yang Xuan had already exhausted all his energy rushing forward and pushed him back by two steps. Just when the boy was balancing himself, Yang Xuan bent his arms again, and pushed the boy hard against his chest once more, shoving the boy to the ground. Yang Xuan raised his foot and was about to kick the boy but the adult next to him hurriedly pulled him away and said. “Don’t hit him, he didn’t mean it.”

“He did it on purpose!” Yang Xuan forcefully tried to break free of the adult’s hand. “I must kill him!”

“Your brother’s forehead is bleeding. Don’t you want to take him to the hospital first?” The adult persuaded him calmly. “Otherwise his wound would be infected. Be the bigger person okay.”

Yang Xuan reluctantly stopped and took Tang Junhe’s hand. He pointed his finger to the boy sitting on the ground and cautioned. “You wait for this Zhang Xinlong!”

The half-grown child’s tone was vicious, he looked really pissed off. The adult next to him saw his state; afraid that the child would blow up a fuse he resisted laughing. Even though the child’s fists are not big, his desperate posture to beat someone to death looks serious.

Yang Xuan took his didi’s hand, thanked the man and asked for directions to the hospital. Before leaving, he gave the boy another stern look. 

Tang Junhe took the tissue that the man gave, put it on the wound on his forehead; a soft voice fell into his ears.

“Does it hurt?” After walking for a while, Yang Xuan stopped, took Jun He’s hand away, and looked down at the little cut.

“A little bit.”

Yang Xuan blows on the wound two times, he said. “It won’t hurt anymore. We’re almost at the hospital.”

It’s getting close to dusk, and there was some wind. Tang Junhe had just rolled in the water and was wet from head to toe. When the wind blew, he instantly shuddered.

“Are you cold?” Yang Xuan turned to look at him and asked.

“A little.” Tang Junhe stopped crying, and said sensibly. “We should hurry. It won’t be cold then anymore.”

“Take off your clothes.” Yang Xuan said while pulling up the soaked little T-shirt on Tang Junhe.

Tang Junhe’s eyes were still moist after crying. He stared at his gege like a little puppy would and asked inexplicably. “Why?”

Yang Xuan didn’t say anything, but just pulled his clothes and urged him to take it off quickly.

Tang Junhe doesn’t want to take it off; he doesn’t want to walk nakedly on the street.

Yang Xuan was a little anxious. He grabbed Jun He’s arm roughly, and helped him take off his clothes involuntarily. After that he pulled his own T-shirt, pulled it off from his head and put it on Jun He’s head, saying: “Put mine.”

Junhe grabbed Yang Xuan’s clothes, put it around his neck. He turned and asked. “Then what would you wear?”

“I’ll wear yours. I feel hot.” Yang Xuan said, and in the blink of an eye he finished putting on Junhe’s clothes.

Tang Junhe was a head shorter than Yang Xuan, and his clothes were naturally more than a yard smaller. Yang Xuan reluctantly put it on his body; he now wears a T-shirt—crop top, revealing a white belly.

Tang Junhe was amused by Yang Xuan’s appearance, and giggled endlessly while watching him.

“Hurry up and wear yours.” Yang Xuan grabbed his arm and stuffed him into his T-shirt, then reached out and knocked Junhe on the head, scolding him. “Don’t laugh.”

“Brother, why are you so kind to me?” Tang Junhe put on Yang Xuan’s clothes and asked from the bottom of his heart. “I wish you were my gege.”

Yang Xuan took his hand and said casually: “I am your gege.”

After arriving at the hospital, Yang Xuan led Tang Junhe into the lobby, looking around at a loss.

A young nurse noticed these two strangely dressed children and walked over. She bent down and asked: “What’s wrong with you kids? Are you looking for someone?”

“My didi is injured.” Yang Xuan took away Tang Junhe’s hand on his forehead. “His forehead was cut.”

“Oh, so much blood has been shed.” The nurse said in distress when she saw the blood-stained tissue in Junhe’s hand. “Come, sister will find a doctor to bandage you.”

Yang Xuan accompanied Tang Junhe to the children’s ward and watched the doctor treating Tang Junhe’s wound. He quietly pulled the corner of the nurse’s clothes on the side and whispered: “Sister, I don’t have any money on me right now. So I’ll go back and get some. Help me look at my brother okay?”

He talked like a little adult. The nurse found it funny, so she nodded and smiled, saying: “You can go without worry. Leave your brother to me.”

Two kilometers away from the hospital, Yang Xuan ran back quickly, not daring to rest for a second. When he got home, he pulled out his bear piggy bank, and ran back holding it in his arms. He didn’t even bother to change his clothes.

When Yang Xuan ran back to the hospital breathlessly, his clothes were almost dry. Junhe with his bandage’s wound sat in the seat assigned to him by the sister nurse and waited quietly for his gege. He was a little sleepy and was dozing off against the wall.

Seeing Yang Xuan’s return, the nurse came over to tease him: “Why are you wearing such small clothes?”

“This is his clothes.” Yang Xuan pointed to Tang Junhe in the corner. “He fell into the water and his clothes are wet. Sister, how much do I have to pay?” He unscrewed the head of the bear piggy bank and took out a wad of money from it.

“What do you have so much money for?” The nurse looked at the pile of 100 yuans rolled up in his hand, and quickly pulled Yang Xuan aside. “Hurry up and hide it. If someone bad sees it, they will take it away from you.”

“No one dares to steal from me.” Yang Xuan fearlessly said.

Seeing that he was young, the nurse held back a smile and asked: “Is that your didi?”

Yang Xuan nodded.

The nurse took him to pay and deliberately teased him on the way: “Your didi has just shed a lot of blood. He needs a blood transfusion. We have no available blood here. What do you think?”

Yang Xuan looked back at Junhe’s direction, he dubiously asked: “Isn’t he already bandaged?”

“Blood transfusion is required after the bandage ah.” The nurse fooled him with a serious tone: “Can’t you see that he is not energetic and dozing off. How about giving your didi your blood?”

Yang Xuan did not hesitate to lift his arm, he agreed. “I’ll give it, I have a lot of blood and I can divide half for him.”

“I lied to you.” The nurse covered her mouth and giggled. “How come you are so cute~”

Yang Xuan was not angry, and corrected her: “I am not cute, I am handsome. My didi is the cute one.”

Translator’s Note:

If one of my siblings got hurt, I will slap the sh*t out of someone too.

Anyway, the next release will be the last part for the childhood arc. T_T they grow up so fast ah…

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Aaaah last childhood arc, they grow up so fast ㅠㅠ


Thank you for your hard work!


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They are booth so cute and I just wanna protect them both.

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