Raymond switched on the comm unit he carried, light projected in the air from his wrist-wheel, mapping a screen with data from Planet K on one side and the same data on the other side, the main control room of the spaceship’s beam at the moment. The spaceship’s detection systems were up and running, data was converging at a rapid rate, and the main brain was analyzing matters as they became clear one line at a time.

“Admiral, we checked for the presence of creatures in the jungle ahead, the images have been transmitted, I think this planet may be a remote planet from some distant galaxy. These creatures are not advanced either, they exist with the interstellar civilization records, according to the records it appears that these creatures are still within a fairly long stage of development, and while they are extremely aggressive, their offensive abilities are ordinary.”

“Admiral, do we need reinforcements?”

“No need.” Vee waved his hand as he watched the images transmitted from the screen, the jungle ahead of him, thousands of meters of view converging on the screen, the detector converting the detected biothermal energy into images, lines of varying degrees of red depicting the shapes and sizes of the creatures.

“It might be nice to take two back to raise.” Gu Xuan said.

Vee turned to Gu Xuan with a smile, “That’s what I thought, but it seems like the main purpose this time is to save people.”

Gu Xuan shrugged his shoulders and said honestly, “Actually, you definitely know my main purpose right. Admiral?”

“Definitely.” Vee said, “Don’t forget to raise me a good one or two as well, ‘extremely aggressive’ might come in handy later.”

“Admiral, I wouldn’t mind if you dispatched the entire medical team, as the situation stands, I can’t collect more resources and samples on my own.”

Raymond looked at the medical kit that appeared in Gu Xuan’s hand at some point, his eyebrows drew twice, this is the preparation from the beginning, and it still looks like it’s so well prepared, Hopefully, he still carries it with him at all times, just waiting for some creature to be drawn at any time to get some cell sample resources.

Raymond remarked, “I think it’s important to save lives.”

Vee’s hand tapped rapidly on the screen as he walked towards the coordinates of the distress signal on the probe and said, “I’ll give you all you want to bring over, feel free to take as many blood and skin cell samples as you want.”

“Admiral, if you’re a male and I’m sub male, I’ll marry you.”

“Don’t poke me in my sore spot for nothing.”

“Admiral, Admiral, it sounds like you turned into a sub male before.” Rui, who was following a few people, finally spoke up.

A few people were about to step into the jungle immediately, the Planet K was in bad weather and the entire jungle looked pitch black, out of reach of the ship’s lights. Vee stood still and looked back at Rui, “I can’t believe I forgot about this kid, boy you go back, you’re a maintenance soldier, it’s very dangerous in here.”

Being said so Rui was not happy, especially just now he remembered that the Admiral is now a sub male, even if he is a admiral, he is a sub male, as a male, being told so he will still be unhappy, and it is such a good opportunity to perform. Rui strode up to Vee and turned his back on Vee facing the jungle, “Admiral, I will protect you, you are the most precious sub male in the Empire.”

‘Who the hell is a motherfucking sub male!’ Vee thought.

“Ha, who is this guy, Admiral?”

Vee put his hand on Rui’s shoulder, “How about it my maintenance soldier boy, if you do protect me well this time, I’ll let you marry me.”

“I, I wouldn’t dare.”


“Hahaha, Admiral, are you hitting on the concept of promising yourself in return for heroic kindness?”

‘The first time I saw him, I thought he was interested in me so I turned him down and I thought he would be interested in me again here. Who the hell would know this kid also doesn’t dare.’

Gu Xuan just finished speaking, and in the blink of an eye he only saw a hand pushing hard towards him, instantly thinking that it was for his survival, his body was pushed hard, fell backwards a few steps and the unstable Gu Xuan fell to the ground, in front of his eyes, a black figure flew over.

Waiting for him to react.

By the time he came over, Vee had been tackled to the ground by the thing that had suddenly sprung out from behind Gu Xuan.

‘So fast’, Vee frowned, followed by an overly powerful force that clamped down on his arm, Vee grabbed onto the figure’s arm with both hands, his mind quickly receiving the signal that this was a man with extremely powerful energy, in the blink of an eye, the two figures entangled on the ground had flipped a few times, surprising the three people behind.

“Admiral!” Raymond quickly pulled out his gun, but he didn’t have a chance to shoot.

The figure rolled over again and pinned Vee underneath him, then punched Vee in the face. Taking advantage of the moment when the man raised his hand to release the arm gripping him, Vee raised his hand to grab the punch that came at him, then pushed his foot up and kicked the man in the stomach, a kick that was so restricted in space that there was not much build up, yet it gave Vee the timing and leverage to press the man down again.

In less than ten seconds, Vee had completely crushed the man, who was now facing the ground, with unintelligible cries of rage like an animal on his lips.

Vee pushed his knee against the man’s waist so he couldn’t move and reached out to grab his chin, “It’s about time I got a good look at you.”

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