PP Chapter 3.1

Tang Junhe thought he would never have the chance to see Yang Xuan again.

For a 5-year-old child, a year is extremely long, enough to forget anything that happened a year ago. Except one year later, Tang Junhe still remembered Yang Xuan.

In the summer of his 6th year, Tang Junhe saw Yang Xuan again.

The black car stopped in front of their building and little Tang Junhe was led downstairs by Tang Xiaonian’s hand. He didn’t cry that time, he obediently climbed to the back seat of the car by himself, and sat upright while saying goodbye to Tang Xiaonian.

Tang Xiaonian bought him good-looking clothes. The white shirt had a small gray checkered vest and a small bow tie around his neck. Tang Junhe looked like a little prince.

When Yang Chengchuan took him upstairs, a neighbor saw him and said in surprise: “Oh, where did such a beautiful little boy come from?”

Yang Chengchuan smiled perfunctorily: “My colleague went on a business trip. His child would stay with us for a few days.”

Yang Xuan went out to play, and when he was called back by Yang Chengchuan he was quite dirty. Tang Junhe was sitting stiffly on the sofa looking at Yang Xuan indirectly, fearing that he would not remember who he is.

As soon as Yang Xuan saw Tang Junhe, he rushed over and pinched Tang Junhe’s face with his two dirty hands. Tang Junhe stayed still letting Yang Xuan pinch him with glee.

Yang Xuan is already in elementary school, and has to do summer homework, one tian zi ge paper per day. He doesn’t like to write, so he pushed it to Junhe who is still in kindergarten as he taught him how to read. Tang Junhe didn’t resist either, holding the pencil tightly with his small hand, writing carefully stroke by stroke.

Yang Xuan tilted his head to watch Tang Junhe write, and he suddenly found a new discovery, he exclaimed. “You use your left hand too!”

Instantly, Jun He’s hand squeezed the pencil tighter, He looked at Yang Xuan and anxiously asked: “Is it bad?”

“Who said to you that it’s bad? I’m also a lefty ah!” Yang Xuan added. “My teacher asked me if I wanted to use my right hand but I refused.”

Jun He relaxed and said confidently. “Then I also won’t change.”

The next day, Yang Xuan called up a group of his friends and was about to go to the river to play.

When he reached the riverside, he put down the small bucket he carries in his left hand and propped up the fishing net in his right hand. Yang Xuan pulled up his trousers and readied himself to fish. Before entering the water, he turned his head and asked Tang Junhe if he wanted to join him.

Tang Junhe shook his head and refused, he was a little afraid of water. He squatted on the side and raised stones to look for crabs beneath. As soon as one stone was lifted, the little crab hiding underneath ran fast with its eight legs. It looked interesting, so he wanted to catch it and give it to Yang Xuan. He spotted another small crab and stretched out his hand to catch it. The small crab waved his claws to scratch him. He retracted his hand and looked at the little thing, afraid that it would bite or hurt him if he dared start, and followed the little crab to the river quietly.

An older boy watched Junhe’s cat-like actions and went towards him. The boy bent down abruptly and picked up the small river crab and said nothing to him.

Junhe was anxious to grab the small crab from him. Meanwhile, the boy is deliberately refusing to give it. Taking advantage of his height, he raised his arms high and made a gesture to pinch the crab to death.

Junhe jumped to pull his arm but the boy stretched out his and pushed Tang Junhe. Accidentally, the boy used too much force pushing Junhe down on the river instead.

The shallows that extend into the river were slanted and Junhe rolled down the slope, he groaned. His forehead knocked to a sharp stone from the edge and his small body was being washed away by the rushing river, disappearing in a blink of an eye.

“Help! Help!” the boy who got into trouble called out in panic. “Someone fell into the water!”

Fortunately, there was an adult who was fishing next to them, the man hurried into the water to fish Tang Junhe up and no life was lost.

Tang Junhe who was fished up just in time choked on two sips of water, there was no major problem elsewhere.

After being picked up, he didn’t cry immediately, but curled up into a small ball as if frightened and stupefied. He stared blankly at the calm water before him, and shed tears silently.

“It’s okay, don’t be scared.” the uncle who brought him up patted his wet head and comforted him, and then turned to look at the boy who caused this trouble. “Do you have no idea that it’s very dangerous for small kids to play by the river! Don’t you have a grown-up with you?”

The boy was also frightened, in order not to be held responsible for the accident, he hastily explained: “He was the one rushing and grabbing the crab from me!”

Another boy next to him suddenly recalled.”He has his elder brother following him. He is Yang Xuan’s younger brother. I’ll call Brother Xuan here!” After speaking, he ran in the other direction, shouting Yang Xuan’s name.

Yang Xuan was holding his trousers and was intent on finding more fish, ignorant of the storm that took place fifty meters away.

“Brother Xuan! Brother Xuan!” The child who ran over breathlessly called his name, and quickly shouted. “Brother Xuan, your little brother fell into the water!”

“Huh?” Yang Xuan didn’t hear him clearly. He straightened up and looked at the boy who was running over.

“Your little brother…” the boy shouted while panting.”Your little brother just fell into the water!”

Translator’s Note:

This chapter has 4200+ words, which is 1/3 more than the previous chapter that’s why it will be divided to 3 parts.

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