“Admiral, we have locked on to the distress signal bearing, coordinates 81, -33, distance five thousand kilometers, requires twenty minutes of flight time, cannot take K-star atmospheric energy, cannot detect the destructive power of the winds at the moment . Admiral, you are going too fast, please slow down…”

Five minutes later…

“Admiral, your ship is going too fast, please slow down …… “

Battleship approaching Planet K’

“the atmosphere of Planet K is grinding against the ship’s hull, Admiral, there is a wind cluster ahead, please be careful…”

Vee reached out and closed the screen next to him, pushing it smoothly against the wall of the battleship, the hull immediately extending its slender metal mounts to hold the screen in mid-air. Without the cue from the few officers inside the spaceship, the entirety of the battleship was quiet.

“You, why did you turn those off, they seem to be alerts from the officers, Admiral, will that get us to our destination safely?” The entire screen was turned off, leaving a constant flow of green light.

(TN: Rui is using the courteous ‘you’ from here, the formal one.)

“What do you know boy, I’m telling you, it’s impossible to get off the battleship now.”

“I …”

Rui raised his hand to cover his heart, his face was white, and at this moment, the battleship’s body began to vibrate intensely. Rui felt like his heart was vibrating at the same speed as this machine, the kind of beating that always made his heart feel like it would just blow a hole out of his chest cavity. He was both nervous and scared, but also excited.

Right in front of him was the enormous mass of wind that the officers had just warned him about, and although he was sitting in the battleship, it felt like his entire body was rapidly moving forward towards the giant gale.

The storm cloud looked so thick that it was impossible to see the ground of Planet K. The grey-black wind whirled furiously, as if sensing something foreign, and came violently towards the battleship, carrying with it some unidentifiable huge objects.

Rui had never seen such a scene before, and it was enough to make him lose his ability to react and open his entire eyes to their maximum.

“Admiral, there is a …… “Rui’s reminder is not finished yet, when he saw that they was about to hit some unknown huge object in the storm, Rui was even ready to die, secretly regretting that he should not get on this battleship, but he did not expect that this battleship was as if it had opened the spatial teleportation link, and suddenly appeared in another place.

Amazed and surprised, Rui leaned over the console and pressed a few times, only to find that the huge object that had just been underneath the battleship was being carried by the winds and was plummeting towards Planet K. This kind of never seen before situation made Rui didn’t know how to express his current feelings, the moment of relief, Rui limp all over the chair, his eyes opened wide, his whole body was stiff enough to rigor mortis, and he said incoherently: “Admiral, Admiral, what was that just now?”

“Rocks on Planet K.”

“Or something like that.”

“No, I mean, I’m in a mortal state of mind about what you just did.”

“That’s alright. I’m in a cold sweat too.” Vee pushed the oculars overhead. Rui froze for a moment, then looked at the screen in front of him, and realized that they were close to the ground, and as they had just spoken, Vee had been piloting the battleship, out of the atmosphere of Planet K. All that could be seen when looking out was a jungle-like terrain, and Vee tsked, “Looks like the only place to land is there.”

Rui inhaled his nose, looking at the screen on the dark Planet K’s atmosphere layer, raging like an open-mouthed monster, one by one, tearing at each other, just look with your eyes, it is like a very scary place, but only a little bit of time ago, let alone the danger, he just felt some shocks.

Just look at the horror, this weather……

Vee got up and patted Rui on the shoulder, signaling that he was ready to get off the battleship.

As soon as he stepped off the ship, he saw Admiral Vee standing on the ground crouching down, the ear-splitting sound from far and near made Rui want to scratch something with his nails, and something dark flew over Vee in front of his eyes, carrying smoke and searing heat, Rui saw Vee raise his hands to cover his ears, not understanding what was going on, with just the loud noise it almost made Rui scared to death.

Waiting for the noise to end, Vee got up and ran in that direction.

Raymond climbed out of the crashed ship dragging Gu Xuan, who was wearing a shock-absorbing flight suit, Gu Xian angrily took off his helmet and smashed it at Raymond, Raymond ducked and patted the dust off his body and walked behind Vee, “Is everything okay, Admiral.”

Vee smiled, “Good as gold.”

Gu Xuan also does not know what kind of hatred he have right now, teeth itching, he pointed at Raymond said: “You brat did it on purpose, I’ve warned you that there are rocks in front of you, but you still went in front of the Admiral’s ship, avoiding the ones in front of you will deliberately hit the ones behind you right, what a hero you are! You definitely picked the battleship at random right, why don’t you pick the same battleship with the Admiral when you went out, I’m not familiar with battleships, but I still know the benefits of riding with the Admiral!”

The F13 is not the brightest and lightest, but it has the best shock absorption system and more powerful detection system, making it a fast and shock absorbing battleship. The weapon pods are fully equipped, and the anti-jamming system is unmatched by other battleships. The F13 is a battleship built by the empire to adapt and fly in all kinds of adverse weather conditions.

Raymond held up his hand to ward off a finger that was all too close to pointing at his nose, “If I would have understood the Admiral’s choice of that ship in the first place, I would never have chosen this new lightweight battleship. It’s too scrappy…”

“You’ve got your mouth quirked up, you must have just laughed, you just picked this kind of ship on purpose, and besides, with your piloting skills, it’s not even close to crashing, and you did it on purpose, absolutely on purpose.”

“Hahaha” laughed Vee, tapping Raymond on the shoulder and saying, “That was a very nice and successful landing.”


“I’m not complimenting you, Raymond.”

“I understand.”

Gu Xuan pulled off his shock-suit, “That was a crash, right.”

“Yeah, crash it was.”

“It would have been a wreck, right.”

“Yeah! a falling ship…wreck!”

Translator’s Note:

Am I the only one shipping Raymond and Gu Xian? Hahaha!

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