PP Chapter 2.2

After that event, Tang Junhe began to cling to Yang Xuan. Tang Junhe who’s unfamiliar with Runcheng, his birthplace, coupled with the psychological shadow caused by what happened yesterday is now inseparable from Yang Xuan.

Although the two were only one year old apart, Yang Xuan looked much older than Jun He. Tang Junhe grew up later than the children of his age; he’s shy with strangers and is also not talkative. While Yang Xuan stands out among the rest, he already established his presence among the surrounding children at a young age. He was also taller than his peers, and his legs were long and straight, as soon as he started running his figure would disappear.

In the first few times, Tang Junhe will go out to play with Yang Xuan but would always end up finding his gege in panic before long. Later, knowing that Yang Xuan would always come back to find him after running for a while, Tang Junhe stood obediently and waited for Yang Xuan.

Tang Junhe’s hair is soft, his face is white and fleshy, and Yang Xuan always touches it with his dirty paws. His face is clean after a day of playing while Tang Junhe has become a child filled with dirt.

After being scolded several times by Yang Chengchuan, Yang Xuan would take Tang Junhe home with a towel and wipe his face clean.

In Yang Xuan’s eyes, Tang Junhe was not his good friend, nor his younger brother, but his little toy.

In the past half month, Tang Junhe was still wary of Yang Chengchuan and refused to call him “Father” while being sticky to Yang Xuan, calling him gege everyday. 

On the day Tang Junhe was sent away, Yang Xuan stood downstairs to see him off, watching him being carried into the car by Yang Chengchuan, and sensibly saying goodbye to his didi.

“We’re going, you can go back home now.” Yang Chengchuan said to Yang Xuan before getting in the car. “Close the door properly. I will send your didi back to their house first and will be back later.”

“Oh.” Yang Xuan felt sad and reluctant. Suddenly, he remembered something and was energetic once again, his eyes lit up, he shouted. “Dad, wait first, I’ll go back and get something!”

Yang Chengchuan got into the car and fastened his seat belt, but Yang Xuan had not come out yet. Seeing that it was getting dark, he started the car and drove slowly away from the district’s gate.

Tang Junhe turned his head and looked back. He was still waiting for Yang Xuan, Yang Xuan would definitely come out. But he dared not let Yang Chengchuan stop the car. To him, Yang Chengchuan was still a stranger.

After the car drove two hundred meters, Tang Junhe finally saw Yang Xuan run out from the district’s gate wildly towards their direction.

“Gege!” Tang Junhe shouted.

Yang Chengchuan, who was sitting in the driver’s seat while driving, froze for a moment – this is the first time his son had spoken so loudly in front of him, he turned his head to the back: “Junhe, what’s wrong?”

“Gege is chasing us.” Tang Junhe knelt in the back seat of the car, slapped the rear window excitedly, turned his head and shouted at Yang Chengchuan. “Uncle, stop the car!”

The “Uncle” he shouted had mixed tastes in Yang Chengchuan’s ears. Yang Chengchuan stepped on the brakes, stopped the car and opened the door. He reminded Yang Xuan from a long distance: “Slow down, slow down, don’t fall.”

Yang Xuan caught up with them, panting and holding a Transformer toy in each hand, and said in one breath: “Here, I give it to my didi, let him take it home to play…”

Tang Junhe was sitting in the car and wanted to open the door, but he was unsuccessful after fiddling for a long time.

Yang Chengchuan came over to help him open the car door, Yang Xuan came over, his face flushed, and he stuffed the two Transformers into Jun He’s arms, and said generously: “Don’t you like to play this? Here, I’ll give it to you.”

Tang Junhe looked at the two domineering Transformers in front of him, but he didn’t dare to ask for it. He sincerely refused. “My mother said I can’t take other people’s things casually…”

Yang Xuan was very proud: “I’m your gege! Here you go, take it!”

In this way, Tang Junhe carried two valuable Transformers from the bustling city center full of tall buildings to the outskirts of a city, a desolate suburb, where there’s demolition everywhere, and returned to his mother, Tang Xiaonian’s side.

After Tang Junhe was sent home, he always grabbed Tang Xiaonian and asked over and over again, when he could see his gege again, and when can he invite him to play at home.

In the first few times, Tang Xiaonian would characteristically refuse him with a few words. The more times she was asked, she felt a little emotional. Every time she hears these words, she will ignore him, and sometimes secretly wipe her tears.

In Tang Junhe’s indescribable description, Yang Chengchuan’s home is a magnificent palace, and Yang Xuan is the pampered little prince residing in it. The two Transformers that Yang Xuan gave to Tang Junhe were quietly placed on the painted TV cabinet, unabashedly staring at the old and dilapidated furnishings in the room.

Tang Xiaonian looked at the clothes stand in the mall. She also had passed by the children’s area of ​​the mall countless times. The toys placed there were staggeringly expensive. She hurried past with her brow down every time, afraid to stay for another second.

The two Transformers that Tang Junhe brought back were larger, more sophisticated, and undoubtedly more expensive than those in the mall, but Yang Chengchuan’s son gave out two without second thought, which made Tang Xiaonian feel frustrated and miserable.

Tang Xiaonian was pregnant at that time and hurriedly found an old building in the neighboring city of Runcheng. There is nothing good here, except for the cheap rent – there are dense and filthy low buildings everywhere, dry and cold in winter while it’s hot and humid during summer. Every day, only during a rare moment at noon will you see the bright sunshine outside.

However, in the past two years, the previous policy has come down, and this dilapidated old city has been transformed into Runcheng’s domain. Housing prices have risen faster than the Rockets, and rents have naturally risen. This forced Tang Xiaonian to eat frugally, even while buying toilet papers, she had to stand in front of the supermarket shelves and hesitate for a long time.

Tang Xiaonian is a person that without the opportunity won’t get out of “poverty.” When Yang Chengchuan found this place, his first sentence was, why did you live here? Is this a place where people can live? Look around, I’ll find you a better place to live. I won’t let you two suffer here anymore.

At that time, Tang Xiaonian squinted at him and arrogantly said. “Where did you come from? Who cares about your stinky money?!” So the rest of Yang chengchuan’s words were choked back into his stomach.

One night, Tang Xiaonian made sweet and sour pork ribs for Tang Junhe. Tang Junhe licked his fingers while eating, and said, “Mom, next time can we call Yang Xuan Ge to come and taste this?”

When Tang Xiaonian heard it, a feeling of sadness was swallowed on her throat and reached her stomach. She put down her chopsticks, grabbed Tang Junhe’s arm and asked him, “You tell your mom, is your gege’s house big?”

Tang Junhe gestured with two white lotus arms, and waved in a big manner: “It’s so big.”

Tang Xiaonian asked again: “Does his clothes look good?”

Tang Junhe nodded seriously: “It looks good, and my brother also looks good too.”

Tang Xiaonian suddenly started to cry. She turned around and wiped her tears, and said. “Those should belong to you, do you understand?”

Tang Junhe didn’t understand naturally, but he looked at Tang Xiaonian ignorantly and nodded timidly.

Since that time, Tang Junhe had never mentioned Yang Xuan before Tang Xiaonian again. He knew that as long as he mentioned his gege, his mother would cry, and he doesn’t want to make her sad.

However, even though he didn’t mention it, he still often thought of Yang Xuan.

Because of Tang Xiaonian, the other children in the same neighborhood never asked Tang Junhe to play. Tang Junhe was treated as an outcast and no one cared about him well except Tang Xiaonian. Yang Xuan’s kindness to him became the only bright color in his childhood, which made the other days bleak.

Translator’s Note:

For me Tang Xiaonian is the typical Asian Tiger Mom.

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I kinda feel sorry for TXN. Although lacking, but she’s still doing her best to raise TJH well.


Why do I feel that the Manhua making JunHe’s mom bad and I’m a bit sad of it


That’s so true! I was starting to hate the mom of the manhua, but here I loved her since chapter one

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