Since the admiral had said it was okay, there would never be a problem, and the young soldier, at a loss for words, didn’t know whether to walk out or say something, squawking for a long time and still not saying half a word.

“Say what you have to say, I don’t think I’m capable of swallowing you whole in one bite.” Vee said turning on the override and smiling back at the soldier, “I didn’t think you’d have any interest in riding a battleship I’m piloting.”

“No, no, I, of course I have, I mean, I’d actually like to ride on a battleship piloted by the Admiral, because it’s, it’s really my biggest and greatest honor.” Vee’s not-so-humorous, flat and gentle tone made the soldier seem even more overwhelmed as he grew a little bolder.

Vee raised an eyebrow, “In that case, I think it’s time for you to sit down.”

The young soldier went to the seat behind Vee with the same hands and feet, and sat down honestly, not forgetting to take a few sideways glances at Vee. With the legendary Admiral Vee sitting in a place ah, inside his battleship ah, to him who has not entered the army for a long time, for a maintenance soldier, how good is this ah…!

This is the Admiral Vee, the legendary Admiral Vee who has a violent nature, the guys inside the team obviously said Admiral Vee is a violent person, so he had just worried that if he said the wrong thing he will be beaten up, who knew that Admiral Vee can smile like a gentle big brother, where can you see a little bit of violence? Those guys are so full of shit, bullying recruits who have never been in contact with a Admiral.

“Hey, why are you looking at me and giggling like that? Don’t be infatuated with me, okay? Want to marry me, boy this is not possible, even if you spend a lot of money for Doctor Gu Xuan to get you an artificial sub male tectonic, I will not marry you, because I’m still waiting for someone worthy to marry, hahaha…”

Vee said himself and laughed, the little soldier was half-laughing, and this inexplicable statement made Vee’s image of violence, dominance, and authority in his mind go away.

The little soldier’s mind reeled and a hand suddenly rested on his shoulder, he was so shocked that he almost didn’t jump right out of his seat, Vee patted him on the shoulder, “What’s on your mind is on your face, it’s so cute, what’s your name? How old are you? You’re new but you’re a already a maintenance soldier.”

“My name is Rui, I’m seventeen, and how did you know I was a maintenance soldier, Admiral?”

“I don’t think I have time right now to give you any reasoning as to how I can tell you’re a maintenance soldier.” Vee laughed for a moment before saying, “Actually, the ones holding that apparatus you’re holding inside the ship at this time are for maintenance soldiers only.”

It had nothing to do with reasoning in the least, and Rui felt so much like being played with again by the admiral’s language, but he couldn’t say anything, so he sat down honestly and waited for the ship to start up.

The ship had started up, and the rays of light converged before his eyes to form a huge screen, and Vee reached out and pinched the corner of the screen, pushing it aside, then narrowing it down to fit the size of what he could see, and on the console in front of him, the many controls began to blink.

Vee raised an eyebrow, “I think you need to prepare yourself a little.”

“Yes, yes.” Rui only felt the slightest vibration from the contact with his body to the passenger seat, then there was the sudden impact of the view in front of him, Rui subconsciously closed his eyes and waited until the slight vibration disappeared before he opened them, and what entered his eyes was no longer what the loading bay looked like on the screen, but the infinite universe, the view out from here, the huge planet that seemed to be shining so well on its own not far away.

The planet was encased in thick gas, “Admiral, that is?”

“The destination.”

“…… I, I mean, what planet is that?”

“Planet K.”

“Amazing, this ship can still analyze all this stuff, huh?” Rui couldn’t help but burst out in awe, staring at the screen that kept pulsing with images and data, just about ready to dig in.

Vee said, “This ship is only a battleship, it doesn’t have the ability to analyze these sorts of things, this screen is the data transmitted from the main control room of the spaceship, why? Do you want to say hello to the officers in the main control room, I’ll bring up the screen for you.”

“Don’t, don’t do that Admiral, I’m not ready for that.” Rui smoothed his hair and straightened his clothes.

Vee looked amused and didn’t care anymore, taking a glance at the distance that suggested that he would reach Planet K in two minutes, the data obtained due to the ship’s approach had been transmitted back to the spaceship, the data was also being communicated to the battleship piloted by Vee at the same time, the weather on Planet K was very harsh, unimaginably harsh, and Vee was a little worried that this battleship would be affected in a considerable way.

“Admiral Vee!” The open screen didn’t show the officer of the ship’s main control room, what did appear was Raymond and Gu Xuan who had followed Vee’s ship and flown with him.

Vee nodded, indicating that he heard.

Raymond said, “The sender of the distress signal is almost confirmed, it’s one of Maurice’s Cruisers.”

Maurice? Isn’t that the enemy’s kingdom?

“Admiral, do we still save people?”

“Save. Find out for me what that Maurice’s guys are doing on this planet.”

Translator’s Note:

ML will finally appear on the next chapter~

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