PP Chapter 2.1

   The next morning, Tang Junhe hadn’t opened his eyes yet, but was feeling dazed by something in his mouth. He fell asleep without eating the night before so at this time, his stomach was empty. He thought that his mother, Tang Xiaonian, came to feed him, so he closed his eyes and took another bite. Suddenly, his face wrinkled from sourness.

    Tang Junhe’s tears burst out immediately; his mouth slumped to spit out the sour grapes. Yang Xuan, the initiator of the prank, looked at his expression from the side and laughed happily.

    Yang Chengchuan put on his suit and tie, and before leaving, he glanced at the two children’s bedroom. The two brothers were crying and laughing, and the scene was very headache inducing. He was in a hurry to go to work and had no time to be a mediator. He scolded Yang Xuan hastily: “Yang Xuan, don’t bully your brother! Hurry up and help him to wash his face and to have breakfast!”

Yang Xuan rolled and laughed repeatedly: “I, I just couldn’t wake him up just now…So, I stuffed his mouth with sour grapes hahaha, he looked so silly hahahaha…”

Tang Junhe didn’t know what he did wrong. He thought Tang Xiaonian sent him here to be punished. He washed his face sullenly by himself, and ate a few bites of breakfast in a hurry, before immersing himself in the grief of being abandoned he refused to say a word to Yang Xuan.

Yang Xuan used his toys to coax him, all to no avail. So he turned around to play alone in the study with anger.

The day of panic and fear finally ended. At night, Tang Junhe shrank into the quilt, praying in his heart that he would see Tang Xiaonian as soon as he opened his eyes tomorrow morning. He closed his eyes and urged himself to fall asleep quickly, but he didn’t fall asleep, and urgency suddenly rose under him.

The room was dim and quiet. He was a little dazed, but he didn’t want to wake up Yang Xuan, so he had to gather up his courage to get out of bed and head towards the bathroom alone in the dark.

When he walked to the bathroom door, he reached out to turn on the light. He stood on his toe, straightened his arm yet still couldn’t reach the switch, so he continued to go inside even if it’s dark and did it while trembling.

After peeing, he walked out of the bathroom in relief. He didn’t expect a dark figure would suddenly appear behind the door, shouting “Wah!” at him.

Tang Junhe was so scared that he even forgot to run. He stood on the spot, crying with “Wuwu”.

Yang Xuan laughed and stumbled.

The rain was about to come while Tang Junhe cried vigorously. The loud crying startled Yang Chengchuan in his sleep. Hearing some movements from the other room, Yang Chengchuan got out of bed and walked towards the children’s room, turned on the light and took a look at the two. He saw exactly the same scene in the morning, one crying and the other laughing.

Yang Chengchuan walked over and scolded Yang Xuan, Yang Xuan was not afraid, and while being educated, he secretly made faces at Tang Junhe.

Yang Chengchuan finished scolding Yang Xuan, then sent the two back to bed, halfheartedly comforted Tang Junhe, turned off the light and went back to his room. As soon as he left, Yang Xuan got up, looked at Tang Junhe in the dark, lowered his voice and said, “This room has ghosts that will come in at night…”

Tang Junhe shrank his neck, choked and whispered: “You’re lying.”

“It’s true.” Yang Xuan’s voice made it somewhat convincing, he added. “I saw something entering through that window, I did not catch any shadows and it was so big. I don’t remember opening the window and there was no sound either…”

“I’m not afraid.” Tang Junhe shrank into the quilt in fright.

Yang Xuan succeeded in tricking Tang Junhe, He patted Tang Junhe through the quilt like a small adult, and comforted him: “Don’t be afraid, I have become good friends with him…” While patting, Yang Xuan slowly closed his eyes. “He can’t scare me…” His few words of comfort did not come. Yang Xuan fell asleep first.

Tang Junhe was so scared that he fell asleep in the middle of the night. Before he fell asleep, he thought in a daze, this place is too scary; this big brother is too scary, he must hurry to find a way to escape. Even if Tang Xiaonian doesn’t want him anymore, he still wants to run out to find her.

After eating lunch at noon the next day, he lay in bed and pretended to sleep with his eyes squinted. When Yang Chengchuan finally went to work, Yang Xuan was still having a nap. Tang Junhe tiptoed off the bed, walked to the door, unlocked it and secretly escaped.

He went hastily downstairs for fear that someone would be chasing after him. Tang Junhe couldn’t even tell the direction as he ran for a while before he stopped and started walking along the side of the road. As he walked, breathlessly recalling his route the day before yesterday, he walked and walked and got lost.

Yang Xuan woke up from his nap and recovered his full energy. He wanted to scare Tang Junhe, but as he had searched the house all over and even pulled the bottom of the bed, the little one was nowhere to be found. He lay on the floor, his head moved, and an unknown premonition surged in his heart –

Oh no! The little crying bun ran away!

Yang Xuan is a 100% little devil, but he has a sense of responsibility at a young age. Since his father handed over his little brother to him and made him look after him, then he couldn’t lose his little brother.

He quickly got up from the floor, ran and went to the ground floor in a hurry, looked around, and ran out to the grandmas cooling off in the shade in front of their building and asked them if they saw a little boy who reached his chin running out.

“There is one.” One of the grandmothers pointed to him. “I saw him running towards there. That kid ran very fast ah, his two calves are moving like clock spring’s…”

Before the Grandma finished speaking, Yang Xuan pressed the sentence. “Thank you grandma” and hurriedly ran away in that direction, like the wind.

Tang Junhe at this moment is still walking. He walked and walked like a hamster stuck in a big maze. He can’t get out no matter how far he walks. No matter where he goes, he seems to be stuck and going around in circles. He can’t find Tang Xiaonian and he can’t even remember the way to go back. 

Panting while walking, tired and continuously sweating, yet every single time, he would return to the door of a shopping mall where two big Transformers stood straight, staring at him.

Seeing the adults coming and going on the street, Tang Junhe recalled the stories of kidnapping and trafficking that Tang Xiaonian had told him before, and burst into tears as he walked. Suffocated from his tears, he held his tears and mumbled: Must find mother, I need to find mother…

He stopped walking when he couldn’t feel his legs anymore. Seeing the sky getting darker and darker, Tang Junhe sat on the side of the road in despair and finally couldn’t help but whimper and cry. His little hands continued wiping the tears in his eyes. 

A kind passerby stopped and asked if he was lost. He shook his head vigorously and refused to say anything. Tang Xiaonian told him that if he can’t find her, he must not talk to strangers, just wait where you are, and mother will come back to look for you.

But where is my mother…? The more Tang Junhe thinks about it, the sadder he gets. He felt that if this goes on, maybe he would end up begging along the roadside as a dirty little beggar in the future…

Yang Xuan was sweating profusely, he almost ran across the entire city center of T City, but he couldn’t find his little brother. When it was dark, he also remembered the story of child traffickers that his mother had told him about, and he was about to cry in a hurry.

If his didi is really lost, it must be his own responsibility, Yang Xuan thought to himself. He did scare him away, what’s done is done…

He ran around the road anxiously, trying to recall Tang Junhe’s name, but couldn’t remember those two words, so he had to shout. “Didi!”

Little Tang Junhe was tired and hungry. He sat desperately on the side of the road, thinking that he would never see Tang Xiaonian again. He was crying silently, and suddenly heard someone frantically calling. “Didi— Didi—”

Although he hadn’t fully remembered Yang Xuan’s voice, he suddenly remembered the bad gege who had been frightening him for the past two days. At this moment, he completely forgot the bad deeds Yang Xuan had done to him. He stood up and cried, “I am here—I am here— Gege!—”

Yang Xuan was already running out of strength. Hearing Tang Junhe’s voice, he was energized again, and ran to Tang Junhe’s side after a few steps, and exclaimed with surprise and joy: “I finally found you!”

Tang Junhe cried loudly, feeling terribly wronged. His hands were dirty yet he wiped himself like a little cat would.

Yang Xuan bowed his head guiltily and wiped Tang Junhe’s tears: “Stop crying, stop crying. Forgive me didi…”

Tang Junhe did not speak, he cried until he’s short of breath.

Yang Xuan took him by the hand and led him home. After walking all the way, Tang Junhe’s tears didn’t stop.

After returning home, Yang Xuan was afraid that Tang Junhe would report to Yang Chengchuan at night, so he comforted him like a little adult, and took a white towel to wipe his face. But Tang Junhe still cried and couldn’t stop crying.

Yang Xuan was at loss: “Don’t cry. You’re all home now. Why are you still crying?”

Tang Junhe’s stomach growled, with a dejected tone he answered. “I’m hungry. I walked all afternoon, so I’m hungry.”

“Then I’ll cook for you, don’t cry alright?” Yang Xuan said.

Yang Xuan is only 6 years old so he can only fry eggs, using the small pan that his mother bought him. He fried all the 5 eggs left in the refrigerator, and filled a small plate with fried eggs. Some were not cooked yet, and some were burnt, all of which were pushed in front of Tang Junhe.

Seeing the food, Tang Junhe finally stopped crying, wiped his tears, cleared his nose, and started to eat the eggs Yang Xuan had fried for him. After eating three and a half, he started crying again.

Yang Xuan’s with a headache asked. “Why are you crying again?”

Tang Junhe cried and answered. “It’s too much, I can’t eat it all.”

Yang Xuan stared at him and snapped. “If you can’t eat it, don’t eat it!”

Tang Junhe cried and refuted. “But won’t I waste food then…”

Yang Xuan pulled the small porcelain plate in front of Tang Junhe to him and said. “Then I will eat it, I am also starving to death ah.” After speaking, he ate the remaining one and a half eggs in two bites.

Tang Junhe stared at Yang Xuan’s swift eating in a daze. He even forgot to cry while happily watching him eat. He exclaimed. “You eat so quickly!”

Yang Xuan blinked with a pair of sincere eyes, looked at Junhe and asked: “I found you and brought you home, I also cooked for you, and helped you eat leftovers that you can’t eat. Say, how am I?”

Tang Junhe pondered, and answered. “You’re good for now.”

Yang Xuan was uneasy and he patted the table and yelled.  “What do you mean good for now?!”

Tang Junhe was terrified by his yelling, dodging Yang Xuan’s eyes, he explained: “You always scare me, how is that good?”

Yang Xuan waved his small hand: “I won’t scare you anymore.”

Tang Junhe looked at him timidly, obviously not convinced. His two eyeballs were like two round black agates, reflecting Yang Xuan clearly.

“Believe me.” Yang Xuan hesitated. “Well, then don’t tell my dad later that I lost you this afternoon…”

Tang Junhe looked at him and bargained with his milky voice: “If you don’t scare me in the future, I won’t tell.”

“I will definitely not scare you in the future!” Yang Xuan vowed, and squeezed Tang Junhe’s face, he asked. “What is your name? I just wanted to call you while looking for you all the way, but I just can’t remember it.”

Tang Junhe introduced his name honestly, Yang Xuan repeated it several times, and said: “Why is it so hard to remember? Forget it. I’ll just call you didi from now on.”

Translator’s Note:

If this chapter isn’t cute I don’t know what is.

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