AYHI Chapter 3.1

Gu Xuan followed behind Raymond towards the loading bay, the soldiers were busy making way, they all had a very serious look, as if they were ready to wait for some unexpected order. Look at that one’s excitement, who would believe it if they said it wasn’t Admiral Vee’s team.

Gu Xuan reached for Raymond’s arm, he couldn’t really run anymore, “I said, slow down okay?”

Raymond shrugged off Gu Xuan’s hand in disgust and patted his scratched sleeve, “At the rate you’re going, we’ll be running to the loading bay and the Admiral will probably be at Planet K by now.”

“……” Gu Xuan reached out and grabbed Raymond again, a moment before Raymond stepped back, this time he used a lot of force and clasped Raymond’s wrist tightly, he said, “How could it be that fast, it’s a battleship, anyway It’s not a spaceship, just open this door here and fly in, then ‘swoosh’ and fly out again and you’ll get there.”

“What the hell do you know, the Admiral pilots a battleship of the rank of SSS, the only one in the Empire, and do you know what SSS is? Lieutenant Admiral Nestor was a SS-class, and in the Battle of Verity twelve years ago, Lieutenant Admiral Nestor alone destroyed over four hundred enemy ships with A-class pilots and fifty S-class pilots. Of course, the battle and piloting levels was something that couldn’t be measured in exact units. But in that battle five years ago with the largest star pirate group, the Shark, the same battle that made the Admiral start his promotion happened, in that battle the Admiral annihilated the entire Warships of the Shark all by himself.” Looking at it that way, the Admiral was promoted really fast.

“Warships? Seems like a lot.”

“He’s as good at combat as you are at technology, the Empire’s treasure …… I’m not going to bother talking to you, according to the Admiral’s speed, which allows the ship to exceed two hundred percent of its original established speed, he can sense a critical point that the ship can withstand and make it as fast as possible. “

“…… You won’t make it in time anyway.”

“That’s why you’ll have to hurry …….”

Raymond struggled twice and could not use force, knowing that although this guy is only a SS medic, he can say that this guy has mastered a very important skill and is one of the several types of people closely protected by the empire, using force, Raymond still did not dare to do it.

That time Vee went to back to their planet, he had to go with the cell regeneration process, but there were only quite a few experts who had mastered it, and Gu Xuan was the only one in the empire who had the courage to use those unknown biological cells together and perform such a good job. Raymond was also a little worried about when this guy would really sneak up on himself and put on a sub male mutant structure to him like he said before…

The thought gave Raymond chills, he was thirty-two years old, if he suddenly mutated like the admiral, who the hell would dare to marry him?

No one fucking dares……

It was fine for the Talis Empire to have a sub male like Admiral Vee who was unable to marry a sub male before due to military missions, but definitely not for a second supposedly ‘poor’ sub male like him.

At this point, Vee had already chosen a battleship that he thought was pretty good.

For battleships, Vee could tell the quality and performance of a battleship with just a glance, it was the result of years of work in this area, it was okay to say it was an achievement, he smacked his lips because the new Imperial battleships didn’t seem to be ideal. Cursing in his heart a few times for the guy who made the battleships this time, it wasn’t that they weren’t good, Vee guess it was because he was just too demanding, and always felt that the things made by those people weren’t as good as he thought they would be.

Vee turned and walked towards the other side without looking at any of them.

He hopped on the battleship that he had decided on at a glance before, abandoning the newer ones that were fresh into the army and hadn’t been put into a single battle yet.

What he didn’t realize was that there was still a soldier checking the battleship’s performance at this supposed break…

The one checking out the battleship was a young Talis soldier who was performing the necessary tests on the apparatus, and when Vee came in he was still maintaining what could be described as a comical position, with his buttocks puckered very high and up, the kind of position that made anyone who was interested in looking at it want to ‘touch’ it, whether it was to take a pat or to ‘poke’ it.

But Admiral Vee is a man with a heart of gold. He’s not going to “poke” a stranger in the ass.

He thought.

When the soldier saw Vee behind him, holding his funny pose for a full ten seconds, a shudder went through him from toe to head, chilling hairs reared up, and he stood up straight in shock.


“Ah ……” the soldier touched the painful back of his head that had been hit, and the other hand that still held the apparatus, the soldier made a fist over his heart and shouted ‘Loyalty’. ” Ge… Admiral! Admiral, how did you get up here?”

Vee couldn’t understand why the soldier looked like he’d seen a ghost, the way he was so distinctly scared.

“Do I have more eyes than you, or more nostrils?” Vee took off his cloak and casually threw it over the pilot’s seat backrest, he sat on it and waved, “Are you done checking?”

“No, not yet, the energy, energy engines and the battle bins haven’t been checked, and …….”

“No problem, you can go down first, I’m going to pilot it.”

Translator’s Note:

This chapter is twice the amount of the previous one, so I have to divide it.

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