PP Chapter 1.2

    One night, Tang Xiaonian was watching TV while holding the remote control, and she happened to switch to the Life Channel. There was a psychologist on it who was analyzing the current situation of society, saying that single-parent children are prone to introversion and low self-esteem, and especially to psychological problems when they grow up. Tang Xiaonian didn’t take it seriously at first and tried to observe Tang Junhe more afterwards.

    The more she observed, the more Tang Xiaonian felt that the expert made sense. Tang Junhe, this child, does not seem to like to talk to people very much. Children from other families played together in the mud and when they come home, they will inevitably be beaten by their parents but Tang Junhe never goes with these other children; he only likes to play alone and likes to pester Tang Xiaonian all day.

    What she didn’t expect most was that it Tang Junhe who didn’t want to play with others, not the other way around. Since that is the case, these rumors spread to those children’s ears, leaving Junhe all by himself.

    Tang Xiaonian attributed all the reasons for Tang Junhe’s uneasiness to Tang Junhe’s living environment without his father. After much deliberation, she finally came up with a good idea. She remembered that Yang Chengchuan said that his wife was a middle school teacher and was in poor health. That she would go back to her family to escape the heat during summer. Tang Xiaonian wondered if she could take advantage of this summer vacation, to send Tang Junhe to Yang Chengchuan to let him feel the warmth of having a father’s love. Although Yang Chengchuan is a scumbag, he always cares about his son.

    Even though Yang Chengchuan is a scum, he still has a little conscience. He will come to see Tang Xiaonian and his son every once in a while, and will also put in a reasonable amount of living expenses.

    So, when Yang Chengchuan came back again this time, Tang Xiaonian didn’t hit him with the bottom of her slipper. Strangely, she invited Yang Chengchuan to the sofa at home politely as well. Yang Chengchuan thought that Tang Xiaonian had finally figured it out over the years, and she was finally willing to forgive him, rubbing his hands in excitement, and not being too obvious, he looked at Tang Xiaonian expectantly.

    Tang Xiaonian knew that this request was a bit too much. After all, she had never shown Yang Chengchuan a good face for so many years. She was so embarrassed that she hesitated and abruptly said. “This…Well, I want you to take care of Junhe for awhile. Just for awhile… Didn’t you say that there is no one in your house during the summer vacation? Junhe has not been with his father ever since he’s born. I am afraid he will have psychological problems when he grows up…”

    Yang Chengchuan did not expect Tang Xiaonian to treat him cordially after coming in and was stunned at first. “Huh?”

    Tang Xiaonian was not angry when he saw his expression she got up and pushed him out the door: “Forget it, forget it. What kind of dad are you that I don’t already know. Get out now, the farther the better.”

    Yang Chengchuan was pushed out by her, while making up for his failed performance, he hastily said: “I didn’t say no, I just didn’t react… Wait! Don’t push me Xiaonian, I really don’t mean to object!”

    Tang Xiaonian stared at him with slanted eyes, she asked. “What do you mean?”

    “Of course I would be happy to take Junhe to my place for a few days. There’s just…” Yang Chengchuan pushed his glasses and said. “My eldest son is at home. If Junhe wants to call me father, I’m afraid that Yang Xuan will leak this info to his mother… I’m sure you know his mother has a mental problem. She can’t be stimulated…”

    “You kneel down and beg me and I won’t let him call you father ever! Yang Chengchuan, you can really put gold on your face! Ptui!” Tang Xiaonian looked down on Yang Chengchuan more in her heart. She raised her voice and berated him.

    After that, it’s settled.

    So, when Tang Junhe was 5 years old, he first met the 6-year-old, Yang Xuan. At that time, he didn’t know that the big brother with hair sticking up, and looked like a little model in some advertisement, was his half-brother, Yang Xuan.

    That was also the first time he left his mother Tang Xiaonian’s side. Tang Xiaonian personally stuffed him into the hands of a strange uncle who would be beaten away every time he came to their house. Tang Xiaonian squatted in front of him, touched his soft black hair once, and told him to go with this uncle to play for a few days. Be obedient and he will see his mother again soon.

    Little Tang Junhe cried and refused, acting pitifully saying he didn’t want to go but it was all useless, in the end he was still carried on the black car by this Uncle. He cried so hard and continuously patted the rear window of the car with his two little hands helplessly, watching Tang Xiaonian’s profile getting farther and farther away from him until it gradually turned into a small black spot, where he can’t see anything familiar anymore.

    As soon as he left, Tang Xiaonian cried, she cried while cursing Yang Chengchuan, this scum, beast, bastard, and son of a bitch, over and over again.

    She was not willing to leave Junhe for so long, but it was said on TV that children who had no father since childhood would be inferior and introverted, so she could only take advantage of Yang Chengchuan’s wife returning to her family during the summer vacation to send Tang Junhe to his scum father’s home, let him feel the warmth of a father’s love.

    “Paternal Love, that’s bullshit.” Tang Xiaonian spat while watching the host on TV.

    Tang Junhe didn’t understand Tang Xiaonian’s painstaking efforts. He thought his mother Tang Xiaonian didn’t want him anymore so she gave him to a stranger, who asked him to call him “Ba ba”. Tang Junhe, who seemed a bit preoccupied, cried, and refused to say anything.

    The Uncle hugged him, brought him out of the car, and took him to a big house. There was a big brother who was a head taller than him inside, looking at him curiously. He cried with snot and tears on his face, and he just thought about Tang Xiaonian and didn’t want to respond to anyone.

    “This is your gege, Yang Xuan,” Yang Chengchuan pulled Yang Xuan over and said to Tang Junhe. “Only one year older than you. From now on you will play with your Ge ge, OK?”

    Tang Junhe cried and wiped his tears, saying that he did not want an older brother, but his mother.

    Yang Chengchuan can’t placate Tang Junhe, so he turned his head and said to Yang Xuan: “This is your Di di, Tang Junhe. He’s the child of your father’s friend. Junhe will be staying with us for a few days so when Daddy goes to work during the day, you have to take good care of your didi alright? Don’t let him get lost, OK?”

    Yang Xuan nodded, and raised his head to ask his daddy: “Why does he always cry?”

    Yang Chengchuan replied. “Your didi is shy with strangers. It’s the first time he has come here. Just coax him.  I’ll make you something to eat.” Yang Chengchuan handed Tang Junhe to Yang Xuan, turned around and went to the kitchen. He had a headache from his youngest son crying all day. He would rather cook than coax this child.

    Yang Xuan circled around this doll-like brother for several times, treating him like a small toy, touching his hair, poking his cheek, and stacking all the fun and amusing things in front of him, yet this little crying bun hadn’t stopped crying even once ah!

    Yang Xuan felt tired for the first time in his life. He raised his head and shouted to the ceiling: “Aiya, why do you always cry!” Then he collapsed on the sofa and fell asleep.

    Yang Xuan is asleep; no one cared about Tang Junhe anymore. He himself was a little tired from crying all day and soon fell asleep on the sofa too, putting his head against Yang Xuan’s.

    When Yang Chengchuan came out of the kitchen, he saw the scene where the two were asleep. Yang Chengchuan called one after another, but couldn’t wake up either of them, so he had to take the two children into the bedroom and let them go to sleep.

Translator’s Note:

This is such a cute chapter, right?

I remember when I read this novel before, I always describe them like this: “Tang Junhe looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you, while Yang Xuan looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll.”

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Thank you so much for your work!

The story is fascinating from the first chapters and I’m already sitting there wondering what may happen in the future. 

Tang Xiaonian is already loved by me. Such a bright personality, awww. I hope that the MC will also be bright and memorable.

Good luck to you! 

Venus Cosplayer

Thank You so much for your Translation <3 .
This chapter is indeed pure & lovely .We can see how this two brother become sweet heart to each other .
Again ,thank you so much for your translation.
I am also a japanese learner who love reading Chinese BL novel .


Ah, this is so cute! Thanks so much for ur effort.


Aww, I wonder when they will discover they’re blood-related? Maybe it contributed to how their feelings managed to fester to a point..

Christine Jade

They are so cuteeee.

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