Vee never had any distractions when it came to eating, but he was also very hungry indeed to be honest and the main reason why he liked to eat in the lower levels was because of the amount of food and how delicious it was.

He wasn’t born in a good family, they say that the Talis Empire is one of the richest empires among the countless planets in the galaxy, but Vee didn’t think he had ever once known what it was like to be rich since before he became a soldier.
At the very least, later in order to live as a soldier, through this pair of although not tall but very strong body, he stepped up, to the current twenty-eight years old which is not meritorious age to many, yet he already become one of the Empire’s Star Admiral in the previous year.
If you want to be able to get the most out of the game, you’ll need to be able to choose the right choices in life. With a subtle androgynous scent, you’ll never be able to look, guess or imagine how he had change from a dominant male to dominant sub male.
Suddenly he’s gone from being the one who has to marry someone to the one who is waiting to be married, but did the gods on the damned heaven ever think that this fucking mutation was going to happen at this time, and which bastard male of the Talis Empire would dare to marry him?
Who would dare?
It’s not that Vee is pessimistic, no one really dares…
According to Raymond’s words, whoever would have that much nerve to marry a admiral, not to mention status, any one of them wouldn’t be happy to see their sub male running to the front of the battlefield without having anything to do with it. Even for him, he wouldn’t do that anyway, Vee’s heart isn’t strong enough for that.
It had been half a year since the mutation, and his body had regained its physical abilities from the beginning of the mutation until now, not really much had changed except for a few more other features. But this transformation as long as it was remembered made Vee unable to stop a dark feeling rising from his heart.
What fuckery is this!
“Why do I feel like the number of people in here is getting higher?” Gu Xuan tugged at the tie on his uniform. He ate a bit of this diner’s food, which was nothing special, and put down his cutlery.
Raymond had always felt that he was a very cultivated person, even if he was eating in this kind of diner, then he would never say more than half a word during the meal, especially this army doctor in front of him who didn’t have any decency. The extra eyes were glancing over at the Admiral next to him, his Excellency was eating happily and consuming a lot…
Gu Xuan felt that he had hit a nerve, and touched his nose somewhat embarrassed, in fact, it is normal for more and more people to come, which was past the meal time, but learning that the admiral will come here, a rumor of a ten went to a hundred immediately, one by one, they came to see the admiral.

A large group of guys only dare to sit far away, some also hide behind the door, and this come and go, look especially funny, it is known that these men were not like this before, presumably because of the admiral’s body mutation, no one came too close.
Gu Xuan was going to find something to talk about, so he called the two people in front. However, one buried his head to eat, and one was chewing slowly but did not speak.
Thinking about what to say again, to pick some interesting topic, in the dining room, Vee suddenly put down the cutlery in his hands and stood up, he is not very tall, but well-proportioned at least a 1.8 meters, so while standing up, it immediately made the two people around feel that there’s a sudden
movement from the other side, trying to ignore it can’t be done.
“It seems someone had reported to me earlier that a planet drifting into the channel from somewhere else would be encountered two star hours ahead? What creature is it?”
Gu Xuan blinked.
So this is what it looks like when you just reacted…
How long is this reflex arc, now the Admiral can only be considered to have woken up, ah, this meal is finished…
Moreover, did the the Admiral used to have this big of an appetite, eating quite a bit yet there’s still so many things on the table…
“Yes Admiral, I consulted you because I received a distress signal from that planet. Preliminary analysis by the main brain shows that more than half of the planet is desert, but there are creatures existing as well, the entire planet is encased in thick gas, the weather is extremely harsh, the distance is too far. Preliminary analysis can only go so far, more information could be obtained when we go closer.”
“In other words, maybe there are some rare creatures there?” Vee raised an eyebrow.
Once Gu Xuan heard the Admiral’s question, and saw the raise on the Admiral’s good-looking eyebrows, he was more than happy to say, “Yes Admiral, in the previous main brain’s analysis, the best guess is that there are indeed huge creatures below the nebulous, and its size is about the size of an A-3 light battleship.”
Vee looked to Raymond, a look Raymond immediately knew, his own admiral was getting ready to go, so no matter what he should accompany him, Raymond put down the cutlery and also stood up, and handed out the cloak to Vee. When Vee turned around and left, only then did Raymond look at Gu Xuan, leaned across the table in front of Gu Xuan, whispering a reminder: “Normally it would have been fine, but at this time the admiral has only gone through that period, if the admiral have any problems, the emperor will not spare you.”

“Heh…heh… “Guxian laughed dryly a few times, “No, don’t worry, although I said he need to recuperate more, he’s actually really recovering well, so well that he’s as good as if he hadn’t gone through that period, don’t worry, I swear, I pledge on my status and life as an Imperial SS-class Doctor of Science.”
“There are quite a few SSS level doctors in our land, and I don’t think a SS Research Doctor can be exchanged with the Admiral. He is ……”
“Raymond, I say you are against me in every way like a kid, do you believe I have a way to make you go through that same kind of phase.”
“I don’t think it’s that simple, that kind of period isn’t for anyone, and I’m well past that age.”
“Don’t forget, the Admiral is long past the age of mutation too.”
“The Admiral was delayed in development, whereas for me the possibility would never exist.”
“I can make non-existence exist, can you believe that?”
Gu Xuan stood up from his stool with a sudden outburst, looked in the direction of Vee, and shouted at Raymond, “The Admiral is missing!”
“Why panic, he must have gone to the loading bay, he might be piloting the battleship first soon.”

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