In the vast universe, an M-18 military ship was sailing down the Talis interstellar channel towards the Empire, and the negotiating team led by Admiral Vee was now on its way back after seven days of negotiations to Planet Tygo. The negotiations had been tortuous, but the results had been very satisfying, and Tygo had become a resource planet for Talis.

The doors to the Central Control Room parted from both sides, walking in were Admiral Vee, who was supposed to be at rest at this time. Several of the officers in the area immediately rose to their feet and saluted.

Vee waved his hand and said casually, “I’m in my regular uniform, no cap or badge, no need to salute.”

Deputy Raymond, standing behind Vee, reached out to remove the black cloak he was wearing and hung it on his arm, Vee went to stand in front of the screen and habitually used his right hand to tug on his on his left hand, and realized he wasn’t wearing gloves right now when he touched his skin, “What’s the status of that planet?”

The mood of the scene relaxed when Vee said that. Gu Xuan reached out and touched the holo-display in the central area, zoomed in on the distant planet on the screen just now, and pointed it out to Vee, “Admiral, this is a planet with living beings, from the trajectory and speed of its orbit, it arrived here only three days ago, and the direction of the trajectory is the planet Auster.”

“What sort of creatures?”

“The planet is mostly desert, so we’re tentatively naming it as Planet Koum-K and K for short… Admiral, the distress signal wave we received from the living being did come from Planet K, but there wasn’t much information, we couldn’t understand what was on that particular planet, or what creature it was.”

Gu Xuan continued to override the holo-display system and brought up all the internal supplies of information, “Admiral, are we going to continue our journey back, or do we have to check it out? There was a wave of messages received, but it could have been some kind of trap or something, but I have a feeling that it probably wasn’t.”

Sitting sideways in his chair, Vee propped his head up with his hand, his thumb crossed his lower lip and smiled at Gu Xuan, “Don’t give me a guess and what’s possible, no need to play this game with me, I know exactly what you’re up to… let’s change course!”

“Excellent!” Gu Xuan snapped his fingers and shook his overly long black bangs, not forgetting to look at Raymond behind Vee with pride. Gu Xuan walked up to Vee, bent down with a fawning smile, and said, “Admiral, we are still two stellar hours away from Planet K. Would you like to take some more rest?”


“Then do you need to take a meal, your health has just recently…”

With that reminder from Gu Xuan, Vee did feel a little hungry and got up to prepare for a meal. Getting the desired result Gu Xuan followed with a smile and bumped his shoulder against Raymond for a bit, “Hey, aren’t you going to say some words?”


“Boring.” Gu Xuan and Raymond gradually fell several paces behind Vee, and Gu Xuan looked at the Admiral in front of him, before whispering, “I knew the Admiral would want to check out the situation.”

“You use the character of the Admiral to satisfy your own curiosity.”

“That’s not true, according to the Admiral’s character, if this kind of matter is concealed from him we’ll be scolded, but I’m also sure that even if it’s concealed from him now, after he knows he”ll definitely come back, not to mention that the planet orbits in another direction, the Admiral will also chase along with the route to check, so many years you still don’t understand him?” Gu Xian finished his tsk twice and looked at the man in front of him in the background, pondering for half a moment before asking Raymond, “How come I don’t feel the Admiral is pleased or excited, usually he’s not like this.”

“He’s just woken up, not lucid enough to have a good reaction and his reflex arc is not stable yet.”

“How long will it be?” Gu Xuan asked.

“I can’t give you a specific duration or unit of time. Besides, it’s different now than usual, aren’t you the doctor, so gauge for yourself if the Admiral’s recent physical condition will affect his reflex arc during this period where he’s just awakened.”

With a raised eyebrow, Gu Xuan stopped gossiping with Raymond, took a few steps behind Vee, and continued laughing, “Admiral, where are we planning to have our meal?”

How is this walk heading to the lower level instead of the upper level? The lower level is no place for an officer to dine.

Vee said, “You have to go down there once in a while.”

“You’ve been used to eating with the soldiers since you were a little younger, and I had a hard time dragging you to your Admiral’s quarters for a special meal because of your health, so why are you planning to go down there now? My Dear Admiral ah, you have a very unique condition now, unlike before, of course, although that growth stage has passed, it will not make you suffer, but just because the growth is just completed, you need to be more and more protective of yourself and stabilize your health first.”

Listening to the long list of Gu Xuan’s rhetoric, Vee chose to distract Gu Xuan’s attention instead of answering directly, “You can stop following me if you like.”

Gu Xuan’s eyes twitched slightly twice, knowing that what he had just said was again in vain as he resigned himself to his fate, “Follow, I’ll follow! I will always follow you!”

Translator’s Note:

Another novel is out, for this one updates will be on Sunday and Wednesday.

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