PP Chapter 1.1

    Tang Junhe is named Tang Junhe because of Yang Xuan. When this name was given, Tang Junhe was not born yet, but his fate already coincides with Yang Xuan’s.

   His name was given by Tang Xiaonian. When Tang Xiaonian was 20 years old, she met Yang Chengchuan in his prime. Since that day, Yang Chengchuan became her biggest mistake in life. Despite her family’s objections, she followed Yang Chengchuan for three years without a second thought. Afterwards, she took the initiative to cook raw rice into cooked rice.

    When the rice was cooked, Tang Xiaonian took the B- Mode Ultrasound results and went to Yang Chengchuan excitedly, only to realize that Yang Chengchuan wasn’t Yang Guo, but Chen Shimei instead.

It turns out that Yang Chengchuan already married someone else and she gave birth to a child in the second year that they are together. The baby was born a few days ago. Yang Chengchuan’s father-in-law has a mysterious hold in Yang Chengchuan’s career ascension, so he can’t get divorced.

    Tang Xiaonian went to the hospital with tears in her eyes. Everyone was lying on the hospital bed quietly. She didn’t know what kind of evil thing possessed her that day that she suddenly turned over and sat up, saying that she was going to give birth to this child. By October, in an unfamiliar place she gave birth to her son, Tang Junhe was brought into this world on a rainy afternoon.

    At first, Tang Xiaonian was spineless. For several times, Yang Chengchuan came to look for her but was always driven back by her while holding her pregnant belly. Ever since she knew the fact that Yang Chengchuan is Chen Shimei, her tenderness towards Yang Chengchuan has turned into constant hate. As soon as Yang Chengchuan came, she took off the slipper from her foot and put all her effort into beating him. She beat Yang Chengchuan until he retreated, she used force like she was going to beat Yang Chengchuan back into his mother’s womb.

    Due to Yang Chengchuan’s every once in a while visit to find Tang Xiaonian , added to the fact that the car he’s driving is Santana 2000 which is the most popular at that time, in a glance the people who saw him can infer that he’s rich. The more he came to look for her, the more Tang Xiaonian became the center of the topic in the whole neighborhood.

    With Tang Xiaonian’s fine eyebrows and almond eyes, she is also known as a first-class beauty. She doesn’t like chatting with people and is rather indifferent. She doesn’t have much contact with the neighbors, so naturally she doesn’t know what others say, much more the gossip about her. But gradually, Tang Xiaonian perception became sensitive, she felt the look others were giving her was not right.

    Tang Xiaonian knew nothing but that doesn’t mean she’s stupid. After thinking about it, she concluded that 80% of it was due to Yang Chengchuan. So when Yang Chengchuan came back this time, she fought harder, took off both slippers and greeted Yang Chengchuan in his dog-like-suit.

    One time, Tang Xiaonian gave Yang Chengchuan a little face. While she stood against the door to prevent Yang Chengchuan from entering her home, she cracked the door open and asked. “What is your son’s name?”

    Yang Chengchuan didn’t understand her words at first.

    “What did you say?”

    Tang Xiaonian asked angrily this time. “What’s your son’s name?! Say it, if you don’t then just go!”

    Yang Chengchuan didn’t want to go, so he hastily said. “Yang Xuan, he’s called Yang Xuan.”

    “Which Xuan?” Tang Xiaonian asked again.

    “Xuanhe’s Xuan.”

    Tang Xiaonian did not finish junior high school. All she knows are a few common Chinese characters. She frowned and thought for a long time, and still don’t know which Xuan, Yang Chengchuan is talking about. She closed the door with a “BANG” and shut Yang Chengchuan outside, she said. “Okay, I know now. You, get out of here!”

    As soon as Yang Chengchuan left, Tang Xiaonian went to a nearby Xinhua Bookstore. She is now 7 months pregnant and her belly is already very big. The staff of the bookstore was about to close the shop but as soon as they saw her, they hurriedly greeted her to help. “What book are you buying? You can tell me I will help you find it.” The staff added. “Is it for prenatal education?”

    Tang Xiaonian said no, and asked for a Xinhua Dictionary.

    After getting the dictionary, Tang Xiaonian with her pregnant belly went home contentedly. While scanning the words on the dictionary under the little yellow light bulb at home, she finally found Xuanhe’s Xuan. In the dictionary, his Xuan means bright and warm, like describing a sunrise. Tang Xiaonian pondered over the light bulb, what name she can use to compare the word “Xuan”. She was looking for a brighter and warmer word to compare Yang Chengchuan and that woman’s son thoroughly.

    Tang Xiaonian looked all the way through the dictionary, and after excluding the options of “Chi”, “Zhi”, “Liang”, etc., she locked on to the word “He” of Xuanhe. “He” means grand and bright. Upon inspection this is much more compelling than “Xuan”. Tang Xiaonian’s inspiration flashed again and she planned to add the word “Jun” in front. “Junhe, Junhe…” She repeated it several times and the more she said it, the more satisfied she became and finally lay in bed at ease.

    Yang Chengchuan naturally didn’t know about it. By the time he knew, Tang Xiaonian had already given birth to Tang Junhe. Yang Chengchuan begged Tang Xiaonian, hoping to go in and see his son. Tang Xiaonian had just given birth to a child and her physical condition had not fully recovered, so she inadvertently allowed Yang Chengchuan in.

    Yang Chengchuan was overjoyed at his newborn son, and wanted to reach out and hug him. Tang Xiaonian made a gesture to take off her slipper to hit him. He had to withdraw his hands and let it go this time. He licked his lips and said, do you want me to give this child a name?

    Tang Xiaonian hugged Tang Junhe and gave him a blank look. She told Yang Chengchuan in a bragging tone that she already prepared one and this child will be named Tang Junhe.

    Yang Chengchuan froze for a moment, and asked kindly. Which Jun and which He?

    Tang Xiaonian raised her head and said: “The ‘Jun’ in Junzi and the widely known ‘He’.”

    Yang Chengchuan barely counts as an educator. When he is idle, he can pull two sad poems. He understands Tang Xiaonian’s intentions very clearly. He regarded this moment as taking the opportunity to show off to Tang Xiaonian, and commented: “This ‘He’ is not good, too big, and too vulgar, how about the ‘He’ in ‘Baihe’, it’s determined as a Provincial bird, nice and elegant. What do you think?”

    Tang Xiaonian glared at him and spat hard: “Bah! It’s not vulgar, you’re vulgar! Screw you! Get lost!” Yang Chengchuan’s face turned pale and he grimaced after receiving batches of swear words before leaving.

    As soon as Yang Chengchuan left, Tang Xiaonian took Tang Junhe and went to Hukou. The person who’s in-charge of registration asked: Which “Jun” and which “He”?

    Tang Xiaonian with a clear voice said: “The ‘Jun’ in Junzi and the widely known ‘He’.” She added. “Precisely that he in Xuanhe.”

    “Oh.” The man immersed himself in typing without giving any appreciation to the name. This made Tang Xiaonian a little disappointed.

    But in any case, Tang Junhe had been involved in Yang Xuan since he was born, not only in name but also in blood. After all, half of the blood flowing in them came from that scum, Yang Chengchuan. They’re half brothers of the same father.

    This fate brought before birth suddenly came into play when Tang Junhe was 5 years old.

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